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Lucky11 | 5 Important Tips On Soccer Betting Analysis!

Lucky11 | Soccer Winning Strategies
Lucky11 | Soccer Winning Strategies

When betting soccer match results for singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, correct score, double result, first or last scorer betting, specials, or statistic type betting – for example, number of corners, yellow or red cards – it is sometimes necessary to conduct some preliminary research. Things are a little different when it comes to soccer betting. Every gambler should be aware of the rules of the sport. Using a trusted service like Lucky11, an online casino, will help you have a better understanding of soccer betting. As a gambler, the greatest error you can do is to start betting online without having all of the necessary information and betting techniques. We'll look at various tactics that can help you improve your soccer betting experience.

Here are some pointers on things to look for when betting on soccer games:

Position League

The most apparent recommendation. We frequently consult the league table of our country's top division, but we are less familiar with the league positions of teams in lower divisions or other nations. Before placing a wager, make careful to examine the league positions of teams, as there are often surprises, such as RB Leipzig in the Bundesliga and Huddersfield Town in the Championship last season.

We often assume a team is good simply because they are well-known, but this does not always imply that they are performing well at this time. Also keep in mind that a club in sixth place will not necessarily beat a team in 14th place, especially if the difference is only four points.

Check the league table for information such as the number of wins at home and away, as well as the number of draws. As the season progresses, patterns emerge, such as which clubs draw far more frequently than others or which teams never win away.

The goal differential is also important because you can see which teams are scoring a lot of goals versus which teams are allowing a lot of goals, and which teams have really good defenses are more likely to win 1-0, 2-0, or 3-0 than 2-1, 3-1, or 4-2 for example.


Examine particular teams' schedules ahead of time, as teams frequently under-perform or over-perform against certain opponents at certain times of the season. When a team near the bottom of the table has three matches against three teams in the top four, there is almost always at least one draw.

Examine when teams may have an easy or difficult month - when, for example, the top (and bottom) teams face one other.

Consider the "International breaks," which are used for international friendlies, world cup qualifications, and other such events. These can often derail a team's momentum, and key players are frequently hurt as a result.

The number of games that elite teams play in a season can lead to "congestion" or "pile-up," which occurs when teams are forced to play multiple games in a short period. This is something that many effective team managers lament. They frequently rest key players and field young, inexperienced players against inferior opponents, with surprising outcomes.

Following Champions League games, teams frequently perform below their best in League games, drawing against teams they typically defeat.

Results in the Past

Start betting on the draw if a team has won five games in a row in any league.

Start betting on the draw if a team has lost five games in a row.

The longer an unbeaten streak continues, the closer it comes to coming to an end.

The longer a losing streak lasts, the closer it gets to being over.


Check out the schedules for "Derby" and "Bitter Rivals" games. Because derbies are games between teams from the same city (Real Madrid vs Athletico Madrid) and bitter rivalries are games between teams with a history of rivalry (Manchester United vs Liverpool), it's always a good idea to check the head-to-head record – that is, the number of wins, losses, and draws between the two teams since the two clubs formed.

Because these games are so intense, you'll see a larger number of yellow and red cards, as well as penalties scored and saved.

"Bogey" teams – These are teams that, for some inexplicable reason, consistently lose or fail to get a result against one specific team year after year, season after season – often in dramatic situations despite the teams' league positions being vastly different – a modern example is Crystal Palace, who are currently Liverpool's "bogey" team. To figure out who the club's bogey team is, ask around and look at prior results.

Win, Loss, and Draw Streaks - Look at the team's longest win, loss, and draw streaks to see when they're likely to win, lose, or draw. If a club has drawn four games in a row and has a five-game winning run, it is exceedingly unlikely that the streak will continue.

To assist you to determine which teams and games to wager on in the yellow and red card markets, look at the fair play league table for teams with good and poor discipline.

Key players

Consider essential players from a variety of clubs, not simply the best. If you play fantasy football, you'll be familiar with players from other teams, such as free-kick and penalty takers. Midfielders that dish out several assists but never manage to score. Every game, the players who are booked.

Consider "under-rated" and "over-rated" players — many TV analysts, journalists, and fans place a higher or lower value on players based on their reputation, age, loyalty, or disloyalty. Be your judge - your winning and losing bets will help you determine whether or not a player is good.

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