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【Baccarat Trends Teaching】 Improve Baccarat Win Rate!

Baccarat|Long Dragon
Baccarat|Long Dragon

Can't understand the trend of baccarat? Understand the trend of baccarat, follow the long dragon, and increase the winning rate!

Every player who plays baccarat knows that if you want to play baccarat well, it is very important to learn to read the road because we can achieve the purpose of predicting baccarat by observing the trend of the road and then considering the following card types. But there are several ways of going to the road in baccarat, each with its way of interpretation, which is not easy for newbies. Don't worry, today LUCKY11 online casino will call you a way to go - Long Dragon - as long as there is a good judgment of the Long Dragon, as long as you learn it you can improve the probability of profit.

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Baccarat|Long Dragon
Baccarat|Long Dragon

What is Baccarat Long Dragon?

First of all, the long dragon of baccarat is a phenomenon, which means that after several rounds of baccarat, the result is the same, for example, several consecutive rounds are opened or idle. Because in most of the road market trends, the opening of the bank will be indicated by the red circle and the idle time with the blue circle, so as long as the same result is drawn continuously, the road will appear one after another blue circle or red circle. , So as long as the road disk shows such a result, we can call him a "long dragon".

The definition of a long dragon:

Having said that it takes a few consecutive rounds before it can be defined as a long dragon. There is no accurate statement. Some people may open the bank for five consecutive rounds, which is also called a long dragon, and some people even need to be 8 or 9 in a row to be a long dragon, which varies according to the habits of each player. Personally, the editor of LUCKY11 thinks that about six rounds have the same result, it can be regarded as a long dragon.

What is "Broken Dragon"

Now that we know the Long Dragon, we can imagine that any situation where the next round is the opposite of the Long Dragon can be called a "Broken Dragon" or "Broken Dragon". For example, the first 9 identical results out of the opening now, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang, Chuang can be called the Long Dragon, while the next round out of the opening, the idler is called the Broken Dragon.

However, the above is the basic version of a dragon. There is another way of saying that as long as the road is regular, such as Zhuang, Idle, Zhuang, Idle, Zhuang, Idle or Zhuang, Zhuang, Idle, Idle, Zhuang, Zhuang, Idle, Idle can be called a long dragon. Simply put, a long dragon can be said to be the result of Baccarat drawing a certain pattern through which bets can be made, and as long as it matches the pattern that can be found, then he is a long dragon.

How to find the long dragon of baccarat?

I mentioned earlier that the definition of a long dragon is different for everyone, but the conclusion is that multiple consecutive rounds drive the same result, but the concept of continuity is the result. How do we predict or find a situation where a long dragon may occur? Would you think you could ride a long dragon, but the dragon's head immediately breaks? Before we can think about these questions, we must first determine what our definition of a dragon is. Based on the experience of the editors of LUCKY11, I would be considered a dragon of six chakras. In the following, I will use the concept of defining a dragon in the six chakras as an example of how to find a dragon. :

How to find the long dragon:

In five consecutive rounds, I start with a result such as an open banker, then in the next round, I will test whether this is a long dragon by buying the banker with the smallest bet. By the same token, if I start with an idle in five consecutive rounds, in the next round, I will also test it by betting with the smallest amount of chips.

The advantage of this method of finding is that even if he is not a long dragon, your losses can be minimized, but if he opens a long dragon, you can even bet with twice as many chips on the next hand.

Baccarat Long Dragon Skills

What to do if a "broken dragon" appears:

Many novice players were very happy to buy the long dragon, but when the faucet at the back suddenly broke, they suddenly panicked. Don't worry, if the leader is broken, you can try to bet on the result of the original long dragon, because according to the previous experience, the result of betting on the original long dragon after the leader is broken has a higher winning rate.

What to do if there is a tie:

What to do when the banker "banker" "banker" "banker" and "banker" and cards are opened? Will the long dragon be broken immediately? Don't worry, according to big data statistics, when the long dragon suddenly opens up, The chance of appearing and maintaining the original long dragon in the next hand is very high. Broken dragons are rare, so when the above situation occurs, don't be afraid, just keep betting on the dealer!

The long dragons are an allusion to the laws of baccarat, i.e. the way the method follows a certain pattern. There is a Chinese idiom that says it very well." Follow the trend and make it happen". As long as you can understand this, don't be afraid when you see a certain long dragon in the baccarat road method. Follow the rules of the long dragon. In the long run, your baccarat win rate will be greater than 50%! What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Come to [LUCKY11 online casino] Live Baccarat, choose the game that looks most likely to show signs of long dragons, and kill it inside!

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