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Baccarat Tips|Understand The Timing Of The Baccarat【TIE】!

Baccarat chooses the timing of the tie
Baccarat chooses the timing of the tie

Baccarat doesn’t know how to place bets Timing of "TIE"? Teach you to understand the timing of "TIE" in Baccarat to increase your winning rate!

If you are a player who has just started playing baccarat, you must always heed the warnings of baccarat veterans. When playing baccarat, don't just bet on TIEs. But have you ever wondered why? Do you know what the probability of a TIE in each hand is under normal circumstances? Is it true that you can't bet on TIE play when playing baccarat? When should you bet on TIE? The editors at 【LUCKY11 online casino】 have heard all your questions, so let's discuss baccarat TIE play today!

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Baccarat chooses the timing of the tie
Baccarat chooses the timing of the tie
Introduction to Baccarat "TIE" Play

A simple explanation of how to play Baccarat "TIE", because Baccarat is a game that doesn't look at suits. In other words, when the dealer and player are dealt two cards and both make up a good hand, as long as the dealer and player have the same number of points it is equivalent to a "TIE".

  • Baccarat "TIE" odds: 1 to 8

Although the odds of baccarat "TIE" are very high and you can get 800 by betting 100, but even so, why is it not recommended to bet on "TIE"? Then we have to talk about the concept of probability and banker's edge in baccarat.

Baccarat "TIE" Probability and Banker Advantages

Let's start by assuming that a baccarat game is ready to begin. The croupier has prepared eight new sets of playing cards, which means that all the cards are currently fixed. Under these conditions, what is the probability of a "TIE" occurring? The answer is 9.51%. In other words, only 9.51 times out of 100 will draw a "TIE", and of course, this does not include the probability of changing hands after scratching. Under these conditions, when you think about it, why are 1 to 8 odds still not enough? We would like to bring another concept.

Banker's Advantage:

The so-called banker advantage is what percentage of the amount the casino can earn from each bet every time you place a bet to achieve profitability. This is what we call the banker advantage.

Advantages of bookmakers at "TIE":

Calculated based on the above conditions, when the probability of betting is 9.51% and the odds pay 8 to 1, the final expected value is 85.56%, and the dealer can count it as 100%-85.56%=14.44%. In other words, every time you bet 100 yuan on the Baccarat "TIE" project, if you use the big data rule to calculate, then you will first withhold 14.44 yuan to the dealer for each round.

From the perspective of probability and banker advantage, you should be very clear about why you should not bet "TIE" in Baccarat, because every time you bet, it is like throwing money into the water. Without waiting for the result of the game, 14.44% of the money was already deducted. This is the main reason why veterans of baccarat always tell novices not to bet "TIE" casually!

But if the numbers are slightly changed today when the odds of "TIE" become 1 to 9 because the odds remain unchanged but the odds become higher, the gambler's expectation of betting will increase to 95.2%, and the banker's advantage will also be It dropped to 4.80% in one breath, but in reality, most casino odds are still based on 1 to 8. It is better not to bet on "TIE" as much as possible.

LUCKY11 Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Live Baccarat
When to bet "TIE"

Although most players will not choose "TIE" as their main betting method, considering the odds, there is still a small percentage of players who will use a small amount of money to bet on "TIE" to see if they have a chance to win with a small amount, so we must take advantage of the timing of betting on "TIE".

To master this best time, you must first learn to "count cards". The card counting here is not as simple as the high-low card counting method that only counts the points, but you have to keep a complete record of what kind of cards are played in front, to determine how many cards are left in the library. But after all, baccarat is not as simple as a game like Dragon and Tiger, which only draws two matches. Considering the rules of the game of baccarat, the possibility of forming a "tie" is still very high.

The editor of LUCKY11 online casino believes that when you count the cards and find that the remaining deck combinations are very average, and if the remaining cards are even-numbered pairs, then theoretically, the probability of combining them into a tie is better than The cards with odd numbers are still big. For the simplest example, if there are 9, 9, 8, or 8 cards left, the probability of a tie will be much higher than that of 9, 8, 8, or 8. But after all, this kind of favorable timing for "TIE" betting is very rare, so even if you calculate that the deck is an even-numbered pair of cards, don't place heavy bets on "TIE", because you just make up one. A card will directly disrupt the preset logic, but a small bet at the right time can sometimes have a good effect!

Baccarat is a very powerful game. Every gameplay has its special features, but as long as you master the principle of probability and the size of the odds, you can calculate the expected value of your bet, and then analyze the advantage of the casino. Consider whether this gameplay is worth playing! In terms of "TIE", it is not recommended to everyone. Everyone should play the normal "Banker" and "Player". If you want to play, you can go to the [LUCKY11 Online Casino] Live Baccarat Challenge. Oh!

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