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Introduction To Live Casino Games: Roulette and 3-Card Poker

Baccarat Fried Golden Flower Game
Baccarat Fried Golden Flower Game

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Baccarat Fried Golden Flower Game
Baccarat Fried Golden Flower Game
3-Card Poker

Fry Gold is also called "Dou San Tile". It is a very popular folk board game in mainland China. Every Chinese New Year or friends' gathering, neighbors and friends will take their cards and say they want to play fried gold flowers. Although the fried gold flower is not as popular in India as it is in China, there is still a small group of loyal fans who are fascinated by this game because the gameplay is easy to understand, has unique rules for comparing cards, and can be played quickly. lucky11 would like to introduce you to this game that tests everyone's courage and wisdom, "fried gold flower".

3-Card Poker, card size type

There are a total of seven kinds of cards of the fried golden flowers, all of which are larger than the first class. The cards of the same class are compared according to the card face, number, and suit size. The card face, number: Ace>K>Q> J>10>9>8>7>6>5>4>3>2; card suits: spades>hearts>diamonds> clubs.

  • Leopard Killer: Three cards of different suits 2, 3, and 5.

  • Leopard: Three cards of the same size. For example: AAA, 222.

  • Shinji: Three consecutive cards of the same suit. For example QKA of spades, 678 of hearts.

  • Golden Flower: Three cards of the same suit but not connected. For example Cube 259, and Plum Blossom 478.

  • Straight: Three consecutive cards of different suits. For example 8 of spades, 9 of clubs, and 10 of clubs.

  • Pair: There are two cards of the same size among the three cards. For example 66J, 774

  • Single card: In addition to the above cards.

Playing cards, level, and size

Leopard>Shunjin>Golden Flower>Shunzi>Pair>Leaflet>235.

  • Shinji and Shunzi compare in order. AKQ>A23>KQJ>……234.

  • Single card size comparison: A>K>Q>……2.

  • Pair size comparison: compare the pair first, and then compare the single hand after the pair is the same size.

Compared to the card, the card type is the same, and the player who opens the card first is the loser.

235 was originally calculated based on a single card type, but when the leopard encounters 235, 235 is larger than the leopard (also known as the leopard killer).

3-Card Poker skills

First, chips must be placed. Each player must agree on the chips beforehand to get the right to play. When the dealer has finished playing his cards, the first player can choose to bet without looking at his cards or bet by looking at his cards. If you bet without looking at the cards, then the next player can follow suit without looking at the cards, or double down after looking at the cards.

If a player feels that their hand is not ideal after looking at the cards, they can choose to fold. You also have the option to compare the size of the players you want to compare with the same double bet chips. Whoever has the bigger one will be left behind and the smaller ones will be eliminated.

After multiple rounds of comparisons, only when there are two players left in the end can they be compared and the winner can be determined. When the last two people compare the size, if the two players have the same cards, then whoever plays the card first loses.

All the chips in this game belong to the final winner, and the final winner is also the banker of the next round, ready to shuffle and deal cards for the next round of the game.

Players who are more often encountered in the game will look at the cards directly when they get the cards, call the bets on the good cards, and abstain directly on the bad cards. These kinds of players are is relatively stable and their routines are easy to be seen in the game. The fun will be reduced, but if such players occasionally blow up cards, they will have unexpected effects, so you still have to judge based on the cards in your hand.

In addition, I have to teach you another technique. This technique is very simple, but most people don’t necessarily use it. Card". Because this technique appears based on the poker game. In the golden flower game, a deck of poker cards with two ghost cards removed is generally used. There are a total of fifty-two cards in four suits. Divided into seven types:

  • Leopard killer: When the leopard encounters 235, 235 is greater than the leopard

  • Leopard: AAA is the largest; 222 is the smallest

  • Shinji (Straight Flush): AKQ is the largest; A23 is the smallest

  • Golden Flower (Flush): AKJ is the largest; 235 is the smallest

  • Straight: AKQ is the largest; A23 is the smallest

  • Pair: AAK is the largest; 223 is the smallest

  • Leaflet: AKJ is the largest; 235 is the smallest

Then in the process of the game, through the rules of the opponent's cards and the probability of playing cards, the opponent's cards can be calculated. Of course, this is indeed not easy, but after a long time, this method can be handy. Can open a door to success for yourself.


There are many types of roulette, and there are supporters of all kinds of strategy skills. No one is a technique that can win 100% surely. If the accuracy of roulette can be more than 80%, this can be called roulette. Classic skills or rroulette-winningskills.

In addition to reading the tips shared by others, it is more important to experience the roulette game yourself so you can change your strategy with the table. Don't try to play the world in one move. This is impossible. You must keep many different skills in your mind so that you can be responsive enough.

Roulette betting with less risk

The flat bet method is relatively less risky, because the bet amount for each hand is fixed, and the return is also fixed. The bet is that your hit probability for each bet is 2/3, that is, you can press 24 numbers out of 36 numbers. The selection of 24 numbers is based on the historical data of the current roulette wheel, and the 24 numbers with the highest probability of occurrence or the interval in which the numbers are located are selected. The first and second methods here are both flat betting methods, hoping to get the lead over the dealer in the process of multiple betting.

In fact, according to mathematicians' calculations, the advantage of a single-zero roulette casino is 2.7 percent, that is, for every 100 yuan you play, you will probably lose 2.7 yuan and switch to double-zero roulette. The casino advantage will nearly double to 5.2%. Therefore, it is possible to play a single-zero bet.

Observe the results of the first 36 appearances of the roulette, and see the comparison results of the number of appearances from 1 to 12, 13 to 24, and 25 to 36.

Remember to remember that if the number of occurrences of 0 and 00 accumulates more than once, turn the stage.

If two intervals appear more frequently than the other interval (such as 1-12 out of 20 times, 13-24 out of 18 times, 25-36 out of 8 times)

Roulette betting strategy

Prepare 200 yuan as the principal, 1~12 inject 40 yuan, 13~24 inject 40 yuan, observe the recent red and black trend, and judge the red pressure 5 yuan in the split of 9, 12, otherwise the pressure of 8, 11 Split, and then squeeze 5 yuan on the diagonal of 2, 3, 5, and 6 (based on the previous numbers that did not appear in 1, 4, but 3 and 6 appeared).

Always maintain a ratio of 40/5=8 between outside and inside. Because there is a probability of winning more than 2/3, it is very easy to win. Prepare 200 yuan to maintain the probability of two consecutive losses no more than 4/38. The total infusion is 90 yuan, and each win is 30 yuan. The rate of return is very impressive. The red and black trend should be considered for each split injection inside, and then 36 injections are used as a basic injection cycle. There is no profit in any cycle. Exit, 0 appears twice or more to exit.

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