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Lucky11| How To Play Online Baccarat To Win Money?

Baccarat Tips
Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games in the world’s major casinos, but now the popularity has spread to the Internet. Online baccarat and live baccarat are more popular among players in major online casinos. There is no other reason, just because the baccarat game is simple and easy to use, but be careful no money-making to go to the black-net online casino, otherwise, you will only lose your wife and break the army.

But is it possible if you want to make money in Baccarat? Nothing is impossible, as long as there is a heart, everyone can become a god of gambling! There are 5 most important tricks you must avoid so that winning Baccarat is no longer a dream! The editor of LUCKY11 online casino tells everyone that those 5 big tricks should never be used!

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Baccarat Tips
Baccarat Tips
How to play online baccarat?

Simply put, online baccarat is no different from the baccarat game in a real casino. One sentence runs through how to play baccarat: "Compare big and small, bet on the banker and bet on the player."

In simple terms, online baccarat is a game in which the points ratio of 2 poker cards is used in each round. Whoever has the closest point to 9, is the winner, and then you can bet on the banker or the bigger player. It's that simple.

Baccarat Tips
Baccarat Tips
What are the rules of baccarat?

Baccarat is so simple, what are the rules?

At the beginning of the game, the croupier will first deal two cards to the dealer and the player. At this time, the player can choose whether to bet on the banker to win, player win, or tie. After the cards are opened, whoever has the points of 9, the closest to 9, or the same sum of the banker and player points, the player can get the corresponding bonus according to the betting ratio.

So how are points calculated?

A is 1 point, 10/J/Q/K are all counted as 0 points, and other cards are calculated at face value. In other words, the minimum number is 0 and the maximum is 9. Other than that, there are no other rules. One round can be solved in about 2~3 minutes, and Fast Baccarat is faster in about 1 minute.

Baccarat card counting methods teach you once and you will learn!

Regarding baccarat play and betting methods, there are many baccarat teaching and baccarat skills on the Internet, but the first thing that new baccarat players should learn is the so-called "card counting method".

The card counting in baccarat is not difficult to understand. First of all, you have to think that the probability of the banker and the player is about 50%, but if you want one of them to have a higher win rate, the key is to "raise the cards". There are different ways of adding cards for the dealer and the player. The dealer can only raise when the draw is 0-6, while the player is 0-5.

According to this logic, we can find that: 4 points are the soul figure who decides whether to win a card, and 4 more decks are beneficial to the player; otherwise, it is beneficial to the banker. This is the commonly known card counting method. Have you learned it??

Does baccarat make money? If you don’t want to lose, you can’t use these 5 tricks
  • Don't bet on "and"

As mentioned earlier, bets on baccarat can be placed on bankers and players as well as draws, but from the casino advantage statistics obtained from each online casino, it can be found that the banker has the highest advantage at 1.06%, followed by the player at 1.24% and the draw at 14.4%.

How do you feel about this? Suppose for example a bet of $100. The banker loses $1.06, the player $1.24, but the draw is $14.40! This is called a "draw". As you can see, draws are a big fish for major online casinos, but a huge loss for players, so don't do them if you can, unless you're confident you can win (but trust me, no one is guaranteed to hit the pitch).

  • Don't rush to raise a bet after losing a bet

In the game of baccarat, there is a betting method that many people like to use called the "doubling method". The mindset of this betting method is that whether you lose or win, the next round will be twice as big as the original bet anyway. Let's say you bet 100 on the first round, 200 on the second, 400 on the third, and 800 on the fourth... And so on.

If it is a winning streak, this method will double your money; but what about a losing streak? If you have enough funds to keep losing like this, there is no objection, but if you are worried about losing too much, it is recommended to suspend betting at this time and change to a spectator.

The advantage of spectators is that they can "see the way", and they can see the current trend when they jump out of the game, and try to win a few games in secret. It would be better to re-enter the game after confirming a stable win.

  • Don't be obsessed with betting on bankers or player

Some people say that it is better not to change the target easily after choosing a banker or a player in baccarat, and it is better to finish with one shot, but we do not recommend this.

The better way is to bet on the banker first, and if you lose in a row, you should take a break; if you win in a row and then lose in a row, you can bet on the banker in the next round instead. If you win, you continue to bet on the banker, and if you lose, you continue to stop betting. Then take a break and watch the road.

  • Don't let emotions affect your playing baccarat game

There are three taboos when playing online baccarat: impatience, saving face, and alcohol. Many people lose money playing baccarat because they want to win too much, or because they can't let go. What about the fact that they would think they are old drivers of baccarat? Lastly, there is drinking. Drinking can help both of these emotions grow, or worse.

  • Manage your funds

Managing your funds is an indispensable skill in the game world. If you can't manage your funds well, I suggest you not play games, let alone make money in Baccarat.

There are many ways to manage your money. For example, you can set a stop-loss amount for each bet (for example, 50,000 to win or lose) and stop betting if you lose, or stop betting if you win 50,000 and come back tomorrow; you can also bring your money to the casino, but find that you lose even 5 hands, which means you have no luck today and leaving as soon as possible is the best policy. In any case, it is necessary to tell you that money management is very important, and it is not worth losing a lot of money for a small loss, so don't get upset with your money!

Baccarat money-making tips
Baccarat money-making tips

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