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Lucky11 | 4 Types Of Best Online Casino Baccarat Trends!


Regular Baccarat players will recognize the euphoric feeling we get when we walk up to a live Baccarat table or any online casino. We take a look at the dealer and try to come up with a baccarat winning strategy. We understand that not every event we bet on has a possibility of winning, therefore we instinctively know we need to utilize a Baccarat strategy that will give us the highest chance of winning more than we stand to lose. The key to winning at Baccarat boils down to aligning our betting decisions with the flow of the type of shoe trend' that is forming on Lucky11.

We must first learn about the four major shoe trends. Then choose which of the two most profitable shoe trends from the four to apply. Finally, we must start the wagering procedure. When properly executed, consistent Baccarat success becomes more attainable.

You'll have a winning advantage if you can read a Baccarat shoe early on to estimate the possibility of its trend type. As I'll demonstrate, predicting a dominant shoe trend is quite simple. However, when a shoe develops, you can only forecast how it will finish up overall based on recent outcomes.


Note how the outcomes are largely zigzagged in the following shoe trend example, which I name the 'ZIGZAGY Zone.' Chops or switches between Bankers and Players are known as zigzags. The first and second line outcomes make up the zigzag zone.

Only on rare occasions can these outcomes break out of the zigzag zone, producing Banker or Player streaks. However, these do not persist, and the zigzag zone takes precedence.


In the following B/P STREAKY shoe trend example, the outcomes are primarily Banker and Player streaks. Streaks, in my perspective, start from the third line onwards.

Although the first and second lines both show outcomes, this is usually a one-time event due to a large number of streaky Bankers and Players vertically; back to back.

This means that the first and second lines on the scoreboard are only filled as a result of transitions from Banker to Player streaks and vice versa. Only on rare occasions does this shoe's pattern reveal a brief zigzag zone streak without any Player or Banker streak breakouts. As a result, these tiny zigzag zone breakouts are, in my opinion, transient blips that can be overlooked because Streaky Players and Bankers are in control.

I've explained to you how to recognize two of the most prominent Baccarat shoe trends, but keep in mind that you won't always be able to forecast what trend a shoe will end up being classified as.

Your betting judgments will be influenced by this uncertainty. The formations of shoe outcomes can radically change from being strong in the ZIGZAGY pattern at one point of the shoe to being strong in the Banker and Player STREAKY pattern at another.


When you get what I term the TREND SWITCH TREATMENT, it's an attack on the conclusion you'd come to based on your research. However, you should be aware that part of gaining chips in Baccarat betting entails taking the good with the bad. It's impossible to get everything right all of the time. Money management will aid you in surviving the game's uncertainty and so protect your money. Alternatively, you may elect to switch Baccarat tables in the hopes of seeing a profitable trend that will last long enough for your wins to expand, especially if you increase your wagers during such profitable times.


The last type of sneaker I'd like you to consider is the HOVERING STATE. As you can see, the outcomes indicate that the shoe pattern is unable to make up its decision, hence there is no trend breakout. The dominance of zigzags or streaks of Bankers and/or Players is not favored by this form of hovering shoe. However, it is still a trend in and of itself.

Though I believe that profiting from this style of Baccarat shoe is difficult. Stop losses, in my opinion, are the best kind of defensive in terms of protecting your cash. You might either wait for a new shoe to start or just switch Baccarat tables.

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