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Super High Win Rate Cracking Method of Live Baccarat Tips!

Baccarat|The "Super High Win Rate" Cracking Method of Live Baccarat Techniques
Baccarat|The "Super High Win Rate" Cracking Method of Live Baccarat Techniques

"Live Baccarat" is the most popular among all the live games in online casinos, so it can be divided into "Baccarat", "Speed ​​Baccarat" and "Insurance Baccarat". For players, you can save, in addition to the high cost of air tickets and accommodations to legal casinos abroad, online casino live baccarat allows you to be directly at online casino live baccarat no matter where and when you are. Betting is convenient, exciting, and money-saving. It can be called a must-have entertainment for home travel.

But even with the HD cameras, plus the multi-angle switching feature, there are still questions about the fairness of live baccarat and whether people are operating behind the scenes, designing woolly clothes, and cheating players through the probability of playing cards. Such dark legends can discourage new players, but fear not! We can find a lot of information about live baccarat on the internet. Lucky 11 Online Casino shares baccarat tips today, and teaches you how to avoid getting smashed!

Baccarat|The "Super High Win Rate" Cracking Method of Live Baccarat Techniques
Baccarat|The "Super High Win Rate" Cracking Method of Live Baccarat Techniques
Crack 1: Understand the card repertoire of Baccarat!

The rules of live baccarat in online casinos are the same as those in physical casinos. The game process is also very transparent, so it is theoretically impossible to cheat. Only the "probability of playing cards" may have been designed. howWhat to say? Because they don't need to cheat at all, as long as the two aces are replaced with two kings in a deck consisting of eight decks, it is enough to produce a radical change and affect the result by correcting the probability of playing cards.

Crack 2: Master the 3 big win rates

Many people may not know that baccarat usually relies on amateur players to make money, rather than famous masters. Of course, there is no need to break the road for this, but when the probability of playing cards changes, the road is bound to be more easily affected. Oppression; another important point is that the rules for the banker and player's draws are different. As mentioned last time, the 4 card is the most likely to change the probability. The more 4 the easier it is to open the bank, and the fewer 4 the easier it is to open the player. However, for the average player, it is not easy to detect the increase in the number except for 4. From a psychological point of view, many amateur players also like to overpower the banker, because the gambler’s intuitive reaction is to want to compete with the banker. "The casino's confrontational stance, coupled with the fact that you won't need to draw 5% of the money to win.

With that said, not every hand will win without losing. In fact, for a hand whose probability never changes, the dealer and player will only reach a stable value consistent with the original probability after drawing about 16,000 decks of cards. Thus, even if 4 is added to change the probability (not necessarily 4, just 4 as the card that produces the largest change), a combined set of 8 duplicate cards, minus the 4 to 6 decks that should be subtracted, produces a total of 68 valid results on average. Translated, this equates to an average dealer win of 0.2 to 0.4 or more in a deck of cards, so each hand is at best barely felt.

It is recommended to grasp the overall change if you want to grasp it, and lock the target where you can easily see it with an intuitive vision, that is, the title mentioned "Master the 3 high win rate of the game":

[1] A player who wins six times in a row will bravely break the dragon.

Generally speaking, the probability of a player winning in a row is low, so as soon as you see that the player has won six or more times in a row, you can be brave and break the dragon. If you have enough chips, you can start with five consecutive games. From six games in a row to eight games in a row, the chances of a player winning in a row is less than 4%, which is equal to 96 times out of 100.

[2] Attention, the cards that jump indirectly in succession

If there are more than six consecutive jumps (between player and player), the probability of losing and adding players will continue to increase with the number of jumps, which will occur after six. around 75%, which means that when the dealer is jumped for the sixth time, there is a 75% probability of winning; even if it fails, the success rate of the next dealer bet is as high as 80%. The combined success rate of the two is 95%, which is equivalent to For every 100 bets, 95 will be successful; if the sixth time is jumped idle home, wait for the seventh time before taking a shot, because the compound success rate at this time is close to 99%.

[3] Seize the opportunity of "Xian Sheng-Zhuang Sheng" 12

Suppose there is a deck of cards where "Player wins - Banker wins" is greater than 12. At this point, the odds of the Banker winning are about twice as high as the Player, which is the same as betting on the Banker every time later. You can win twice every three times, even if you lose. When this number is greater than 14, the banker is more than three times as likely to win as the player. This means that you have a 97% chance of not losing and a 73% chance of winning if you raise after two consecutive losses.

Crack 3: Change tables to crack online casinos, live baccarat

Just mentioned the three high win rates of the game, all of which have a super high win rate of more than 95%. But many people think that these situations are hard to come across, so it doesn't help much. But a fatal key point is that the biggest difference between live baccarat and casino baccarat is the "table changing". If you want to change tables in a casino, you have to move. Online live baccarat only needs to move your fingers and click the mouse. In addition, the rules of live baccarat require five hands to not bet before they will be kicked out of the table (taking Ober as an example). The interval between each hand is 25 seconds, which means that there are 125 seconds to observe whether the above-mentioned mentions are made. It’s more than enough.

in conclusion:

There are not only the above three types of games that can increase the winning rate, but these three are very simple and easy to find. Almost any player can find out within 125 seconds. In terms of efficiency, it is already a little better. The advantage of playing live baccarat is that the players don’t need to record too seriously, and the system will automatically provide data sorting, coupled with subtle and practical skills, I believe it will be even more powerful! The above teaching is hoped that players can gain more confidence and make rapid progress when playing live baccarat.

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