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Lucky11 | Cash Or Crash Online Casino Game - Evolution Gaming

Lucky11 | Cash Or Crash Online Casino Game
Lucky11 | Cash Or Crash Online Casino Game

Cash or Crash Live is a fun and interesting live game show set in the skies. The game's theme is also set up to ascend a 20-step ladder-style pay-out table. This game show is unlike any other game show you've ever seen and it is also one of the online casino games offered by Lucky11. It's straightforward, but it's intriguing. This game has only one bet, yet it has a great chance of winning.

As previously stated, the game has a two-step, ladder-style paytable. The higher you soar on this table, the better your chances of winning are. There are two balls, one green and one red; the green lifts you up while the red lowers you.

The profits from this game are incredible. There are twenty levels, with payouts ranging from 1.2x to 18,000x if the shield is not breached. If the shield is broken, the payment increases to 50,000x.

Where to Play Cash or Crash?

How to Play Cash or Crash?

The action in Cash or Crash takes place on a zeppelin. The most significant feature of the zeppelin is the ball puller. The ball puller contains 19 green balls, eight red balls, and one gold ball. Balls are drawn till the round is completed.

1. Place a wager

The player starts the game by putting a bet. This wagering amount is normally pre-determined by the casino, and the bet amounts are displayed in the shape of chips in front of you. You must choose the amount you want to bet.

2. Ball drawing

The ball puller gets to work once the bets are closed. After a few seconds, a ball is drawn from the machine. The color of the ball is crucial.

  • Green ball: Another ball is drawn, increasing your winnings.

  • Red ball: No new ball is drawn, and your gains are forfeited.

  • Gold ball: You are safe from one red ball. You do not forfeit your gains if a red ball is drawn following the gold ball.

3. Make your choice

You have a choice after each green ball.

  • Continue: As the name implies, this means that you stay in the game with your stake and winnings intact and play the following round.

  • Take Half: This indicates that you cash out 50% of your winnings and keep the other 50% in the game.

  • Take All: If you cash out 100 percent of your winnings, the game round is over for you.

4. New Round

When you draw a red ball or take your win, the game is over. Then you can begin again by putting a bet.

Game features

Since Cash or Crash Live is a basic and low-risk game, not many features have been added to the game. As previously stated, the game's green/red ball system is broken by the Golden Ball feature. This golden ball serves as both a protection and a payout multiplier.

Various types of characteristics are provided across the screen to help ensure seamless performance. A tiny box displays the reward levels you have reached indefinitely. On the left is a table that displays the chances of obtaining a green ball, and on the right is a table that indicates the chances of getting a red ball. The bottom of the screen displays all three options: Continue, Take Half, and Take All.

Evolution's live dealer games have always been known for putting on a show, but this one takes it to a whole new level. As you climb the payout ladder, the augmented reality in the background will take you on a flying adventure. The majority of the game's studio looks to be covered in a vivid depiction of a cartoony metropolis. In addition, there is a result history in the lower right corner.


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