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Lucky11 | What Are the Most Common Issues with Online Casino Withdrawals?

Lucky11 | Online Casino Withdrawal Issues
Lucky11 | Online Casino Withdrawal Issues

You've had a remarkable card streak or won a large jackpot at the slot machine. You have sufficient funds in your online casino account to withdraw some. However, it is not as simple as gathering your chips and heading to the window. Things work a little differently in the online gambling world. When it comes time to withdraw your money from an online casino, you may run into difficulties, even if you believe you have done everything correctly. So, what's the problem, and how can you get your money? Lucky11 is here to help you understand online casino withdrawal issues and what you can do to avoid a stressful payout process.

Recognition of Minors

It is illegal to gamble if you are under the age of 18 (or 21 in some parts of the world), and the casino is required to prevent minors from playing on their site. They are required to investigate your account if they have reason to believe you lied about your age when opening your account.

If you have done nothing wrong, you will receive your money once the investigation is completed. However, if you lied about your age when opening your account, your funds will most likely be confiscated and your account closed.

Using Numerous Gaming Accounts

Having multiple accounts at an online casino, also known as multi-accounting,' is generally frowned upon by the sites and may cause delays in the processing of your withdrawals. Casinos dislike multiple accounts because they do not want their welcome offers (which are only available to new players) to be abused by people who already have an account.

When you withdraw money from your main account, if they discover that you have multiple accounts, they will most likely ask you why this is the case and will require you to close all but one of your accounts before you can withdraw money from your main account.

Failure to Verify Identification

KYC, or 'Know Your Customer,' is becoming increasingly mandatory for online casinos, and the rules they must follow to stay within the regulations are extremely strict. In most jurisdictions, a player must complete identity verification before they're even allowed to play on the site, but some only require this when trying to withdraw money.

If you haven't finished your identity verification, your withdrawal will most likely be delayed until you send in your documents and have them verified by the casino. You only need to do this once, so once your account has been verified, you won't have to do it again.

Using a Different Debit Card or Billing Account

When withdrawing from an online casino, they prefer that you use the same method that you used to deposit money into your account. Some sites will require you to use that payment method only until the withdrawal amount exceeds the deposit amount.

However, there are some casinos that do not offer the same withdrawal methods as their deposit options. If you use a credit card in a casino that accepts them, some operators require you to withdraw your winnings through online banking or a cage withdrawal.

If you choose to withdraw using a different method, your withdrawal may be delayed because the casino will conduct a check on the transaction as part of their obligations to prevent money laundering. Once the check is completed, the funds will be transferred to your account.

Account Or Payment Information Errors

If you provide the casino with incorrect banking/payment information, your withdrawal will be delayed. When making a withdrawal, double-check that the details are correct before confirming it, and carefully read the confirmation email to ensure you haven't made a mistake.

If you make a mistake, contact the casino immediately to see if the transaction can be canceled before it is completed. There is often a delay between when you request the withdrawal and when it is processed to ensure that the casino is sending the correct amount of money, so if you catch it early enough, you should be able to prevent it from going through.

Account Abuse Indicated

If you have been using your account in an unfavorable manner (arbitrage betting, bonus abuse, exploiting loopholes, etc.), your account will be investigated before any withdrawals are processed. They will investigate whether you cheated the casino in any way, and if you did, they will confiscate your funds and close your account.

While the casino does not encourage arbitrage betting, it is not illegal, and the casino cannot withhold your money for doing so. If they suspect you of doing so, they may impose betting/winning limits on your account.

Using A VPN To Connect

People who are connected to a VPN are not permitted to play at online casinos. This is because they are only permitted to offer real money games to people in specific locations, and VPNs conceal the user's true location. Someone using a VPN could theoretically access the casino from a country where the site is not permitted to operate, thus skirting the rules.

To prevent this, most casinos have a blanket ban on using VPNs to connect to their site, and if they have reason to suspect that you have been using a VPN while playing, they will likely investigate your account and hold any ongoing withdrawals.


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