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Lucky11 | Top 5 【Cricket Betting Strategies】

Lucky11 | Cricket Betting Strategies
Lucky11 | Cricket Betting Strategies

You'll need a great cricket betting strategy that fits you if you want to consistently win from cricket betting. We'll go through some of the most effective cricket betting tips, as well as a few specialized T20/IPL betting strategies, in this tutorial. While the techniques outlined below can be used in the world's best cricket events, keep in mind that they are only effective if specific criteria are met. Certain cricket betting tactics that we believe to be highly unpredictable and unscientific have been left out, as they may result in more losses than wins. Keep an eye out for IPL 2022 on Lucky11, the one, and only reliable cricket betting site.

Dogon Strategy

This Dogon strategy is more popular among amateurs because it is entirely scientific. It works on the premise of 'playing catch-up,' in which you increase your stakes at each level to make up for any losses from prior rounds. You keep doing this until you've recouped all of your losses from the initial bet, plus profited as planned.

Bear in mind that Dogon is a basic cricket betting method that might help you win in the short term, but if utilized carelessly, it can lead to financial ruin in the long run. This is due to the strategy's reliance on ideal conditions and the assumption that a bettor's bankroll is endless, which we all know isn't the case.

Flat Betting

As newbies, how can you enhance your chances of winning cricket bets? Flat betting is the solution: a cricket betting strategy that is simple, mathematical, and designed to work for innovative punters.

The concept behind 'flat' bets is that each stake is worth the same amount regardless of how many bets you place.  If you are risk-averse, a small flat bet is best.  Flat betting is the best cricket betting strategy for reducing risk and ensuring that your bankroll does not dwindle significantly over time.

Oscar's Grind

Oscar's Grind cricket betting strategy is a variation on the Dogon system. In contrast to the latter, you do not increase your stake after each lost bet. Instead, you do so only when you win a bet, while you wait out (i.e. keep your stake the same) when you lose one.

This cricket betting strategy divides sports betting into two categories: 'sittings' and 'units.' Every session starts with a unit bet and ends when you've made a unit profit. Assume your unit stake is 100rs and the odds are fixed at 1.0. In that case, the sitting will end only when you have made a profit of 100rs.

If you're eligible to win with your very first unit bet, you'll have made a profit of 100, and a new setting will begin. However, if you lose your first bet, Oscar's Grind advises that you continue betting with 100 until your wager has been eventually paid out. If you win, your bet is increased by the initial unit stake of 100. And it will remain at 200 until you win the next bet, at which point it will raise to 300. If you're new to cricket betting and still learning the basics, avoid Oscar's Grind like the plague!

Ladder System

The Ladder System is yet another simple, mathematical cricket betting strategy in which the entire amount won on one bet is staked on the next bet. It is appropriate for both experienced and inexperienced players. Ideally, choose outcomes with relatively lower odds – that is, those with a high likelihood of success. Assume you're betting on Australia in a Test match against Bangladesh. The Australians have every chance in the world to beat Bangladesh, so their odds will be significantly smaller.

Danish System

The Danish System is a simple, progressive cricket betting strategy in which you increase your stake by one unit (or your starting stake) and the odds by at least 0.5.

Assume you place a $100 bet with an odds of 1.50. If you lose, your next bet will be worth 200 and you will be playing at odds of 2.0. If you lose again, the next bet will be $300 at an odds of 2.5. So forth and so on. This will continue until you win a bet, at which point the process will be restarted.

This strategy has its detractors because it is unquestionably risky. That's because if you go on a losing streak, your bet amount and odds will continue to rise, giving you less control over your losses. Furthermore, each subsequent selection you back – at odds of 0.50 higher than the previous – has a lower chance of winning.

The main difference between this cricket betting strategy and the Dogon system is that the latter only increases the bet value with each loss while keeping the odds constant. When you lose a bit in the Danish System, your stake and odds increase.

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