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Lucky11 | How to Play Fan Tan In Lucky11 Online Casino India?

Lucky11 | Play Fan Tan Online
Lucky11 | Play Fan Tan Online

The brand Evolution Gaming has become synonymous with live casino games. The crew has always been on the cutting edge of innovation, never resting on their laurels. They are always experimenting with new ideas and releasing online casino games that other developers have not dared to try. Today, Evolution takes on a new challenge dubbed Fan Tan Live. This is a popular casino game that can be found in many Asian casinos. Evolution strives to diversify its services as live dealer games become more popular around the world. In this post offered to you by Lucky11, we will detail how Fan Tan Live is played, as well as what Fan Tan payouts you can expect and whether it has any special features.

What Exactly Is the Fan Tan Online Game?

The intriguing aspect of fan-tan is that the word encompasses multiple very distinct forms of the game. At online casinos, fan tan is typically played by a dealer flipping over a cup full of beads, with players making guesses based on the outcome. However, there is another type of fan-tan that is played with three to eight people with a deck of cards.

If you play fan-tan online, you're considerably more likely to come across the variant with beads. It's a traditional game of chance that originated in China. Many gamers have recognized parallels between it and online roulette, albeit it is more difficult to locate fan tan in casinos outside of the continent.

Fortunately, many of the greatest online casinos in India make it simple to play fan tan. Give it a shot, and we're confident it'll become one of your favorite casino games in no time!

Fan Tan Gameplay

Make sure you're looking at the appropriate game before learning how to play fan tan. As previously said, there are two distinct fan-tan games, both from China but with significantly different gameplay.

In this section, Lucky11 game specialists will show you how to play both forms of fan-tan.

Rules for Fan Tan Online (Dealer)
Lucky11 | Fan Tan Online (Dealer)
Lucky11 | Fan Tan Online (Dealer)

This is our favorite type of fan-tan and the one most likely to be found at online casinos. Online fan-tan is a classic player versus house game. The setup is similar to the sic bo online table game in that you'll have a number of betting alternatives in front of you and may simply place chips on them to announce your wager or bets.

To begin, the dealer will take two handfuls of beads and place them in a cup that is then hidden from view. After you've placed your wagers, the dealer will unveil the beads and begin counting them out, arranging them into groups of four with a special wand.

It's worth mentioning that some online casinos substitute playing cards for beads. It's also known as Super Fan Tan, after the Gameplay Interactive title. Dealers deal six or twelve cards in this edition. Each card has a value — an ace is worth one point, a 2-10 is worth its face value and jacks, queens, and kings are for 11, 12, and 13 points, respectively.

The total from the six or twelve cards is divided by four in the card variant of online fan tan against the dealer, and the remaining is utilized to decide the winning number.

Online Fan Tan Card Game: Rules

Another type of fan-tan is played with three to eight players with a conventional deck of cards. Because all cards are dealt out, some players may have one card fewer than the rest.

Since the seven is the important card in the game, this game is often referred to as Sevens (7s). Players take turns laying down a face-up card. Sevens can be played at any time of day or night. Except for sevens, you must put down cards in numerical and suit order. For example, after laying down the seven of hearts, you can lay down the six or eight of hearts, which are one place below and above the seven of hearts, respectively.

The player who gets rid of their cards first wins.

Types of Bets in Fan Tan Online

When playing against a dealer, you can make a variety of online fan tan bets. You'll wager on how many beads are left after the final four groups. For instance, if there are 42 beads, the winning number is two. This is due to the fact that there are ten sets of four beads, with two beads remaining.

The winning number would be four if there were 56 beads (sometimes referred to as zero). Because there are 14 groups of four beads, none are left behind — a flawless group of four.

Here are five of the most popular online fan tan bets:


You must back the exact amount of beads remaining with the fan bet. The range of fan bets is 1-4. (or, at some casinos, 0-3).

Odds: 3/1


It's similar to a fan bet, but with two digits instead of one. One number will be considered a win, while the other will be considered a tie.

Odds: 2/1


It's similar to a nim bet, but both numbers count as a win.

Odds: Even

Tan Nga Tan

It's similar to a nim bet, but with three digits instead of two. Two numbers will be considered a win, and the other a push.

Odds: 1/2


It's similar to a nga tan bet, but all three digits count as a win.

Odds: 1/3


How Do You Play Fan Tan at Lucky11 Online Casino?

Are you ready to try your hand at fan-tan at our online casino? No worries – here are four simple steps for playing fan-tan online:

  1. Join us in our casino: Sign up here!

  2. Make a down payment: Use PayTm, PhonePe, or Google Pay to deposit real money into your account.

  3. Place your wagers: Choose which numbers you want to wager on. For further details, see the 'Types of Bets in Fan Tan Online' section above.

  4. Flip those beads! : Once you've placed your bets, it's time for the dealer to disclose the beads and begin counting – so hope for the best!


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