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Lucky11 Tells You 5 Online Casino Black Network Scams!

Formal online casino
Formal online casino

At present, there are a lot of black net scams in online casinos. It's already difficult to make money during an epidemic, and it would be really bad luck to encounter black net scams in online casinos again! But to be honest, in the era of family epidemic prevention, making money from online casinos and boasting about turning over is not a problem. The problem is how to live without learning a few tricks to prevent scams? You can't just take out your savings as tuition! So today LUCKY11 online casino will teach you, that if you are new to the game, or just want to join the ranks of online gambling, be sure to check out how to identify the dark net and crack the scams!

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Prevent black web scams
Prevent black web scams
The first question: What is a black net?

Black sites are collectively referred to as fake games and real money gambling shady sites. They will first catch your attention with fancy words and eye-catching tricks and then slowly lead you into the trap of their site. Maybe they will let you win some at first. Be confident and encourage you to increase your bets. When the amount invested reaches a certain level, they will immediately stop your rights with a dirty system error or violation. No matter how much you protest to the customer service, they will ignore it. This is the usual technique of online casino scams!

The second question: How to identify the black net?

These black-hearted websites usually have several simple and easy-to-use judgment methods, referred to as the five methods of anti-fraud:

【One page website】

First of all, a regular online casino will never be as simple as a single-page website. Think about how many games and items it needs to pack, how can it be presented in just one page? If this is the case, then it must be an unorthodox black site.

【Exaggerated promotions】

As for exaggerated discounts and betting turnover thresholds, in online casinos, the current stored value amount will usually be used as the turnover threshold for double betting after the value is stored. We call it "effective betting volume. It will change high. To attract players to register, the black net uses many "extremely profitable" promotions to seduce players to store value, and then use higher thresholds to make things difficult for players.

【Substitute Playing - Report Cards】

To play with a license is to designate only a certain game from a certain online casino company. Suppose you are in a bandwagon group and the other party specifies you to play in such and such game at such and such online casino. Analysis, then this is most likely a trap. Even if you win money, the platform will prohibit you from withdrawing it. When you have no use-value, arbitrage, same IP, hangouts, fraud money laundering, and other fabricated reasons come out, the player will not want to trade anymore.

【The same URL has changed many names】

This is the most common one: the same URL has changed many names. The original platform likely had illegal behaviors reported by members for fraud, and the proliferation of the Internet forced them to change their names, but they do not want to lose their original membership and do not want to spend a lot of money to redesign the layout, of course, it is best The method is to change the soup but not the medicine, and the name but not the URL. It depends on whoever is blind and can’t see clearly.

【Have been closed for maintenance for more than one day】

If it is an online casino with stable traffic every day, under normal operation, it is impossible to shut down the station for maintenance for more than one day. The most likely possibility is that members report fraud, forcing the website to temporarily shut down and change its name or rename it. Otherwise, How much loss will be caused by the downtime alone will surely be overwhelmed by the customer's complaint. The stored value of the members is stuck on the website. If you want to close the station, I will report it until you close the station permanently.

LUCKY11 online casino
LUCKY11 online casino
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The third question: Will I be arrested for playing online casinos?

Although there is no legislation in India to allow the operation of online casinos, most online casinos currently have their website computer rooms located abroad. For example, 【LUCKY11 online casino】 is registered in the world tourist destination of Las Vegas and is legal there. While there are no legal online casinos in India, it is possible to play online at legal sites in other countries. While this is often controversial in Indian judicial circles, the actual verdict often acquits the player unless another case is brought in the future to change the law.

The fourth question: Can online casinos make a lot of money?

The movie "KANO" says, "You can't just think about winning, you have to think about not losing!" If you think of online casinos as an investment, the investment will involve risk and enjoyment of the entertainment process. If you are too obsessed with winning, you will lose the essence of the game... On the flip side, those who use the phrases "only win, not lose", "sure win" and "get rich betting this way" should be careful because these are all very common online casino scams.

Having said that, according to the LUCKY11 editor's observations in the "Game Forum" for many years, there is a good reputation for online gambling, and there are almost no negative reviews. It is worthy of everyone's attention and investment. That is the [LUCKY11 online casino] that appeared in the previous paragraph. Don’t think that I’m doing something in the industry. To be honest, an essay is far inferior to playing Baccarat. I just think that everyone is working hard. I hope you don’t get deceived. And I used to play slot machines before, and then I found out that there are many types of games in [LUCKY11 Online Casino], and then I started to play other games, so I saved a lot of money, you might as well refer to:

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In a nutshell, it means to read and listen more. Observe more and distinguish the user's word of mouth, then calmly think about whether the platform has the above signs, if so, you are advised to think twice. If there is no concept, LUCKY11's editor recommends → "LUCKY11 online casino", which is the world's leading online gaming brand registered in the world's tourist destination Las Vegas, with millions of registered players and a legal license to operate in the gaming market. It is trustworthy. Of course, it doesn't matter which online casino you choose as long as you don't encounter a dark network.

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