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Lucky11 | Understanding The【 Horse Racing Odds】

Lucky11 | Horse Betting Odds
Lucky11 | Horse Betting Odds

If you're keen but a newbie to horseracing betting, know for a fact you'll need some horse racing tips to comprehend a few facts before jumping in. Whether you've learned how to identify a winner at the races; or understanding the horse betting odds involved in horse racing is also necessary if you want to take advantage of the bookies' available online bets. With that in mind, here's a crash course in horse racing 101: understanding horse racing odds, courtesy of Lucky11, your No. 1 reliable betting site.

The Origin of Horse Racing Odds

When you wager a certain amount of money on horses, you intend to get a certain amount of money back. If the horse you funded succeeds according to your expectations, the odds are what define your total returns. Odds can be found in two places: online and at the bookies' stand within the racecourse. The fractional or decimal odd display systems are these.

Mechanism of Fractional Odds

For certain people, this system is a bit complex, and for others, it's a good one. This is how an odd fractional system is commonly displayed: 7/2, 4/2. You will also see fractional odds in this format, such as 7-2 or 4-2. This might imply seven-to-two or four-to-two, depending on the situation.

“Even” odds in fractional systems

Even odds, such as 1/1 or 1-1, are feasible. It's labeled as EVS. This means you'll get the same amount back plus your initial bet for every dollar you put in. A £2 bet on a horse with 1/1 odds, for example, will earn a net profit of £4.

Decimal odds system

This will be much easier because the odd is displayed in this format: 5.00. If you put a Win bet, multiply whatever your bet amount by 5 to get your refund. In fractional format, this odd is equal to 4/1.

Now that you know the odds, here are a few bets you might try if you're just getting started.

  • Win bet: Regardless of the odds, this is a winning bet on a horse: nothing more, nothing less.

  • Place bet: Your chances are better here because you'll earn a payout whether your horse finishes first or second

  • Show bet: If your horse finishes first, second, or third, you will receive a payout.

  • Exacta: betting entails betting on two horses to finish in a certain sequence.

  • Superfecta: Backing four horses to finish in a specified order.


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