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Don't Want To Go Out! Play Lucky11 Live Roulette At Home!

Live direct roulette game
Live direct roulette game

Roulette is a gambling game that is very popular among players. There is always an endless stream of people at the roulette table. As long as you place bets on the number or color of the grid that the beads will stop, there are many ways to bet, and the odds can reach as high as 1: 37. No wonder it is so popular. In this era of mature Internet communication, roulette has also developed an online live roulette form, where bets can be placed through a video connection, so that players who cannot go to the casino can also enjoy the fun of roulette.

And this year, the world is affected by the new crown pneumonia, and there is no chance to go to casinos in Macau or Las Vegas. If you also want to experience the fun of live direct-dial roulette, the online live roulette of LUCKY11 online casino is a good choice. ! Today, the editor of LUCKY11 is going to introduce live roulette carefully, let's watch it together!

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Live direct roulette game
Live direct roulette game
Basic introduction to live roulette

The game rules of live roulette are the same as traditional roulette. The croupier throws the beads and turns the roulette. The player chooses the number combination or color to bet. When the roulette stops spinning, the word on which the beads stop is the prize number. The only difference is that it is done online, using video to show the game process. The game progress of live roulette is as follows:

1. Place a bet:

Before the launch of Lunpan, players have about 45 seconds to decide what to bet on, such as color, size, a combination of front, middle, and back, odd and even... etc. The betting method is the same as that of a physical casino. Next to the main screen of the roulette, the chances of winning with different gameplay will be provided, as well as the winning numbers of recent periods for players' reference, which can be used as a basis for placing bets.

2. Draw:

After the players have finished their bets, the dealer will throw the beads. When the beads stop, the number and color of the grid are the winning numbers. Players who have bet on this number or color can get the bonus. One game round will end and then enter the next bet. The whole game process is less than 2 minutes, which allows you to get it in a short time. The game experience is full, and there is still a chance to earn high bonuses!

What are the characteristics of live roulette?
  • The game is fast-paced and money is also fast

The betting time of online live roulette is usually fixed at about 45 seconds. By the end of the draw, the whole process can be completed in about 2 minutes. Unlike in physical casinos, it may be disturbed by some factors on the scene, such as players will interact with each other. With the croupier talks and so on, the game time will be delayed. The game process of live roulette is very smooth and will not be disturbed by other people. This kind of game experience is better and the efficiency of making money is also higher.

  • Provide detailed game history data

As I'm sure many players know, the principle of "learning from history" is also important when it comes to gambling. Observing and summarizing the data of past draws can increase the chances of winning. The interface of live roulette offers complete historical data, as well as the probability of each betting combination. Players do not need to keep track and calculate it themselves. Just look at the data and tables next to them and you can quickly determine what to bet on for the round. Kind of combinations.

  • There is no space limit, multiple games can be played at the same time

Since it is online live roulette, if you are already a very skilled player, you can not only bet at multiple tables at the same time, but you can even play different games at the same time. Just open the window, not like in the physical roulette. Casinos are limited by space. But I want to remind everyone that this kind of gameplay is not suitable for novices because if you can't grasp the chance of winning, you will only lose money and lose faster. Before choosing this kind of gameplay, you must carefully evaluate your situation!

  • Save on transportation costs

There are still many countries that do not have legal casinos, so it is quite difficult to reach the casino. The cost of gambling abroad is very high. Not only do you have to buy air tickets, but you also have to book a hotel. Choosing online live roulette can save you a lot of money. If you put this money in the game, you may earn more. The bonus too!

  • Will not be influenced by others

In a brick-and-mortar casino, you may be influenced by the player next to you. It is natural to follow in the footsteps of others. When you see how someone else bets, you may also think that this is a winning betting method, but that is not the case. Trusting others is worse than trusting yourself. In online roulette, you will not be influenced by others at will and the game process will not be interrupted by other players. In some casinos, you may also make small gestures or receive strange looks from other players when you are winning continuously. In the case of online live roulette, there is no such trouble at all.

Looking at the introduction to playing live roulette, are you ready to move? If you just want to stay at home during the epidemic prevention period, live roulette is a good choice for you! Even if you don't win money in the end, watching handsome guys and beautiful croupiers online can release a lot of stress in life. What are you waiting for, come to [LUCKY11 Online Casino] to experience the fun of live roulette!

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