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Lucky11 | Evolution Gaming’s Live Speed Baccarat

Lucky11 | Live Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming
Lucky11 | Live Speed Baccarat by Evolution Gaming

Live baccarat is becoming increasingly popular among online gamblers. From the time the cards are dealt with to the time the winners are paid out, each round of the standard betting games lasts only 48 seconds. However, there is now the ability to speed up online baccarat games even further. The playing time is nearly cut in half with the speed version. Every round takes only 27 seconds in this form, and the difference is significant. You've barely placed your bets when the cards are drawn and the winners' names show on the screen. As you may think, this speedier manner of playing has increased the excitement surrounding casino baccarat.

About Live Speed Baccarat

Evolution Gaming is without a doubt the leading provider of Live Speed Baccarat. A brief look around the websites will quickly reveal that this company's version is the one available at the bulk of online casinos.

The game is played using eight conventional 52-card decks, and the values assigned to the cards during the rounds follow the standard regulations. Aces are worth one, numbers 2 to 9 are worth their pips and 10s and faces are worth zero. The rounds are repeated until the cut card is dealt. Following that, the cards are shuffled or the shoe is switched.


Evolution Gaming offers you to customize the layout of Speed Baccarat to fit your playing style. You can change the screen settings by clicking on the camera symbol if you prefer a larger wagering area. This enables you to switch views,' making the dealer window smaller and the betting options greater. The number of players participating in each round is displayed on the screen, and you can follow the wagers placed in this manner.

Lucky11 | Baccarat Gameplay
Lucky11 | Baccarat Gameplay

At the end of each round, the list of winners scrolls up the screen, allowing you to check how your fellow competitors are doing! You can communicate with the dealer during the game using the live chat feature. Under the history button on the upper right-hand side of the screen, you may track your progress in the rounds.

Live Speed Baccarat Bet Types and Payouts

You can bet on the banker, the dealer, or a tie in Evolution Gaming's Live Speed Baccarat, as is traditional. Depending on the overall value of each hand, the third card rules are applied. The optimal return to player rate for this version is 98.94%, and this estimate is based on the banker's best feasible strategy.

Bets on the player's hand payout at evens, but bets on the banker's hand are adjusted to account for the house edge. This is set at 1:0.95, which allows for a 5% commission. A tie is paid out at an 8:1 ratio. When both the player and banker's hands have the same value, the round is declared a push, and the wagers are returned.


If you like your card action to be fast and intense, Live Speed Baccarat is the game for you. This version conforms to the conventional principles, making it simple to follow. However, with a new round starting every 27 seconds or so, the pace is rapid, leaving little time to consider your next move. Many players believe that playing at a faster pace adds to the excitement and elevates the game to a whole new level.


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