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Lucky11| Roulette Winning Strategy That Can Help You Win!

Lucky11| Roulette Winning Strategy
Lucky11| Roulette Winning Strategy

European Roulette has been one of the ancient online casino games, going back to the Greeks and Romans, who used chariot wheels to play roulette. The game's popularity has spread over virtual casinos at Lucky11, live casinos, and traditional casinos decades later. However, roulette is still mostly a game of chance, as it was in the past. Except for a few crucial rules and design alterations, not much has changed in roulette since its inception. Stay with us as we go over some of the adjustments and how we can utilize some European Roulette Strategies to sway the final result on our behalf.

Strategies for Winning in European Roulette

To make this one work, you'll need a table with a low minimum betting amount but a large maximum betting amount limit. On your initial bet, place a tiny wager on odd/even, red/black, or high/low, and then follow the procedures below:

Place the same bet again if you win.

  • Place 2x the amount lost on the same bet if you lose on the first spin or if you lose for the first time.

  • If you lose the following spin, double the staked amount and place the same bet as before.

  • When you win, deduct your original wager from the entire amount and just bet the original modest amount you staked.

  • Continue until you've attained your maximum betting threshold, or you've forfeited all of your money!

The D’Alembert Strategy

To put it another way, start small by betting on odd/even, red/black, or high/low. When you lose, add one to the initial bet, and subtract one when you win. The key benefit of the D'Alembert Strategy is that as long as the player follows the instructions and wagers until they reach at least a 1:1 win: loss ratio, they will always come out ahead!

The Fibonacci Strategy

It was invented over a millennium ago by Leonardo of Pisa, a 16th - century mathematician, and it utilizes the Fibonacci Sequence to dramatically increase the player's odds of winning rich in European roulette. This is the most difficult of the three, so prepare yourself with the Fibonacci Sequence first.

The aim is to generate a sequence of numbers (in this case, bets) wherein the first two are identical, but all of the numbers after that are the sum of the two numbers before it in the chain. For example, if you start with a £2 stake, the sequence for the next ten bets will be 2, 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 26, 42, 68, and 110. Now pay close attention to the regulations that have been given.

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