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Lucky11|Learn Baccarat Winning Skills In 3 Minutes!

LUCKY11 Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Live Baccarat

Baccarat teaching to win money will be divided into three major baccarat teachings: basic gameplay, baccarat cracking skills, and simple formula for allocating the amount of betting.

Winning money in baccarat is a goal. It is a path to look at the baccarat card road and make a good prediction of baccarat. You have to learn the teaching of baccarat in today's article, then you have to play at the gambling table very easily. , Don’t try your luck, lose to take off your pants and not be responsible.

Before teaching, friends who were concerned about baccarat predictions knew that "LUCKY11 Online Casino" had been doing the right thing all the time.

It is to lead players on the road to profit, and to provide the most powerful platform of the system, not only the withdrawal of funds is fast, but the user experience is also the industry's first.

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So, without further ado, let's get right to the point!

Baccarat teaching to win money will be divided into three major baccarat teachings: basic gameplay, baccarat cracking skills, and simple formula for allocating the amount of betting.

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Basic baccarat winning gameplay:

If you are familiar with the basic baccarat winning game, you can skip it.

The basic method of winning baccarat is not difficult. There are betting items such as banker, player, pair, tie, big and small, etc. at the table.

The regulations of each platform are slightly different, and players can place bets according to their predictions.

The easiest way is to buy the banker or buy the player! There is no mandatory requirement that you can only buy what you want and bet at will. The more important thing to note is that the odds will be different. For details, please refer to the figure below.

Baccarat betting item paytable
Baccarat betting item paytable
Baccarat cracking card road skills:

Ordinary players will do their homework before the start of the game, and make a chart of the results of the first few games, commonly known as a "road map" and "road table", which is convenient for making baccarat predictions for winning money.

The most important thing in playing Baccarat to win money is to catch which one is more popular, then bet on which one is trending.

Baccarat predictions are normally analyzed in 20 rounds, which means that a table must have more than 20 rounds of opening results before we can effectively make baccarat predictions. If the number of samples is not enough, then obviously we have to grab the opening cards. It turned out to be more difficult.

Players can think of this path as a recipe. If there is no recipe, how do we cook delicious dishes? So with the guidance and assistance of the seniors, it will be better to achieve our goal of making money.

There are a total of 4 types of baccarat, let's take a look!

LUCKY11 Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Live Baccarat

1. Big Road (Baccarat) Card Road

  • The red circle represents the dealer

  • The blue circle represents the player

  • A “tie” will be indicated by a slash. If a “tie” is drawn continuously, the number will be used to indicate the number of times.

2、Small road (baccarat) card road

  • The starting point starts from the second row of the third column. If there is no Banker, Player or Draw on the road, the starting point is from the first row of the fourth column.

  • The way of presentation is also to judge whether it is neat, there or not and whether it is straight. The method is the same as the big eye path mentioned later.

3. Big Eye Road (Baccarat) card road

  • This road is a branch road list generated based on the "big road" road list

  • The starting point of the baccarat prediction is the second row and the second column of "Dalu"

  • If there is no banker or player in the coordinates, start from the first line in the third column of "Big Road"

  • Existence: Refers to judging from the road whether the second point looks forward to the first point or not, if there is red and blue, then it is red, if not, it is blue

  • Straight fall: means that there is no dot in front of the previous dot, and no dot appears in the second dot, then straight fall is red

4. Cockroach Road (Baccarat) card road

  • The starting point starts from the 4th column and the 2nd row of the big road. If there is no point in the big road, it starts from the 5th column and the 1st row.

  • Judge whether it is neat and whether there is a straight fall, this is a bit like the big eye road!

Baccarat winning money allocation betting gameplay:

The following is divided into two types of flat gambling and reverse flat gambling to make baccarat winning formulas.

1. Flat gambling (baccarat) teaching

  • Flat gambling is also known as the Martin strategy. This is a very simple way to play. I believe that many beginners in baccarat will increase their bets when they lose money, but decrease their bets when they make a profit.

  • Assuming that the amount earned is the same as the loss, the odds are 1 to 1. Every time you lose money, the bet is doubled, and when you make money, the bet returns to 1 unit and starts again.

  • EX: 100.200.400.800.1600.3200.6400 and so on.

  • With this type of gameplay, the dealer has no bonus limit and unlimited funds can achieve 100% profit.

2. Inverse flat gambling (baccarat) teaching

  • Inverse gambling is called anti-Martin. It is the opposite of peaceful gambling. When you lose money, you reduce your bet and when you win, you increase your bet.

  • Assuming that 10% of the principal is used as a bet every time a loss is made, 10% of the current principal is used as a bet, and so on.

  • Assuming that the principal is 1000 yuan, the first bet is 1000*10%=100 yuan, and unfortunately, there is a loss of 900, the next bet is 900*10%=90 yuan, and so on.

  • This method is ignored or not known to many novices, so you can use it more!

Today’s baccarat teaching article ends here. If you are paying attention to baccarat cards, or want to make a good prediction of baccarat, you also want to win money in baccarat. Then you must also choose a regular LUCKY11 online casino that is well received by many players and an online casino platform with guaranteed withdrawals!

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