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Lucky11|Top 5 Betting Tips for Online Casino Baccarat!

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat

You may not believe that you earn more than 500,000 a month, but in baccarat, this number is not too big. Although baccarat betting tips, the object of betting is very simple and many people are doing the strategy. Several types of betting methods have been developed.

So today 【LUCKY11 Online Casino】 is going to introduce 5 baccarat teaching betting methods that you must know when playing baccarat and the "card road" method in baccarat. Let's see which one is more suitable for you!

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The five most basic betting tips on online baccarat are also the most important!
  1. PAROLE betting method

  2. 1-3-2-6 betting method

  3. PARLAY betting method

  4. MARTINGALE betting method

  5. "Partial" micro-observation of gambling mentality

These are the most basic baccarat teaching betting methods in online baccarat. Of course, there are many card counting strategies. The various baccarat betting techniques are changed according to the player's preference and strategy. The various baccarat depends on the "card path" method.

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
PAROLE betting method

Online Baccarat Paroli betting is a multiple betting method. If the player wins, the chips will be doubled in the next round; otherwise, if they lose, they must return to the initial set betting amount.

Hypothesis: Suppose the initial set bet is 100 yuan, if you win, you will bet 200 yuan in the next round, and then you win 400 yuan, and so on; but as long as you lose, the player must return to betting from 100 yuan.

Because the Paroli betting method is multiple operations, it is more suitable for betting on the banker or the player. This comparison is not suitable for betting on a tie.

And the biggest purpose of this betting method is to prevent players from betting large amounts of money when they lose, which can lead to bankruptcy but remember.

If the player wins consecutive 6 to 7 rounds, he must also limit the amount of betting at this time. If he sees a good one, he will leave the betting table, because people say that good times are not frequent and it is impossible to keep winning in Baccarat.

1-3-2-6 betting method

Online Baccarat Teaching The betting method is more complicated but more interesting. The player first bets 1 unit in the first round, if they win, 3 units in the second round, and if they win the third round Vote two units, if you continue to win the fourth game in a row, you will vote 6 units.

But if you lose, you must return to the first unit, and repeat this betting method, for example: Suppose you have just started to bet 100 yuan, then you bet 300 yuan in the second round, 200 yuan in the third round, and 600 yuan in the fourth round.

The ultimate goal of the 1-3-2-6 betting method is to allow players to make a lot of money quickly during a short winning session without losing too much money when they lose. This method is relatively slow and is a stable way of looking at the "card path" of baccarat.

But use this method to pay special attention, the final goal must be 12 units of betting, so it may take a long time to play.

In addition, this baccarat instructional betting method is more suitable for betting on "idlers" because if the banker wins, he or she will take out a commission, which will reduce the player's overall money.

PARLAY betting method

The online baccarat Parlay betting method is similar to the Parloli betting strategy. The purpose is to increase the player's betting rate. The gameplay of this system is to set the betting amount previously. If you win, the second game will double Place a bet so that the player can get the same amount as the initial bet and bonus.

Assumption: the player initially bet 100 yuan, if they win, they can get 200 yuan, the second round bet 200 yuan (initial bet 100, win 100), if they win again, the next round will be 400 yuan, and so on, If you lose, it will be back to 100 yuan again.

If you are familiar with this set of baccarat betting techniques, you will find that this system is quite risky. If one is not used well, you may lose more funds as a result. Therefore, if you want to use this system, the best way is to leave the table as soon as you have a winning streak.

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
MARTINGALE betting method

The online baccarat martingale betting method was developed from a well-known game theory and is the most common baccarat betting method in the game of baccarat.

This system is just the opposite of the Paroli baccarat betting technique. It does not increase the bet when it wins but doubles the chip when it loses, and then returns to the initial betting amount after winning.

The advantage of the Martingale betting method is that players can pre-calculate the amount of loss, and then decide for themselves whether they want to gamble; but at the same time, the risk of this system is very high, because casinos and online casinos have restricted betting upper limits, maybe players They reach the upper limit of betting even when they are still losing and cannot pay back. So if players want to use this set of baccarat to see the way, they have to be very careful.

"Partial" micro-observation of gambling mentality

Such as the fixed four-type cable of online baccarat teaching SAM. In a cycle of four hands, BPBB bet BPBB is to bet that two consecutive four hands will not appear repeatedly.

However, SAM is not divided into four hands as a fixed period, so it improves the success rate of the casino, which is not desirable.

  1. The improvement is that every four hands are a fixed period. This method is most afraid of encountering "long dragons" and long single jumps.

  2. For example, buying a counter with four hands is also a rule. BPBB bets on PBPP to bet four consecutive hands will not be completely the opposite.

  3. MIRROR is also the same idea, BPBB bet BBPB, betting that the mirror will not appear. Black boy method

  4. Betting against MIRROR, BPBB bets on PPBP, betting that the reverse of the mirror will not appear. Baccarat betting tips The Club Heart Method.

  • After learning these five baccarat teachings, you can also earn 500,000 yuan a month

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