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Lucky11|How To Play To Improve Baccarat Winning Chances?

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat

The game of baccarat is very popular among players both in brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. As a result, it has accumulated many baccarat lovers and baccarat experts. If a novice wants to learn baccarat road skills, you are here, come and see these practical baccarat "card paths" and various betting tips that 【LUCKY11 online casino】 has prepared for you today, even the most basic baccarat game rules are here, it doesn't matter if you don't have time to do your homework. This article is your ultimate guide to learning how to win at baccarat. Use it and apply it to the game. It's not hard to become a successful and profitable professional player! Next, let LUCKY11 take you through this method of winning at baccarat!

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LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
The origin of baccarat

Baccarat (Italian: baccarà or baccarat) is one of the most popular and oldest card games in the world. It originated in Italy and was introduced to France in the 15th century until the 19th century. It was only popular in Britain and France and other places. Today it has become one of the most popular gaming games in casinos all over the world.

Baccarat means "zero" in Italian because the cards with the highest value (J, Q, K) and number 10 are counted as 0 points in the game. In the beginning, these Card games can only be played by people with noble status. Later, it gradually integrated into the lives of the people after the development of time. Until now, the undisputed baccarat is already a game recognized by the world.

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
Baccarat game rules

In the rules of the baccarat game, there are a player (Player) and a banker (Banker). The game is played with 6 to 12 decks of playing cards (each deck has 52 cards). There are a total of 312~624 cards regardless of suit. , The card face 10, J, Q, and K are 0 points, the card face A is 1 point, and the cards 2 to 9 are calculated according to the points on the card. When the total number is greater than 9, only look at the number of the total. Several digits.

For example: If the cards in the hand have A, 2, 9, and the sum is equal to 12, the point calculation is 2. In the rules of the baccarat game, whether the banker or the player 9 is the largest point, and 0 is the smallest point, the larger the total number, the side closest to 9 can win.

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
Introduction to Baccarat Road Method

There are many ways of baccarat, such as big roads, small roads, big eyes roads, cockroaches roads, Xiasan roads and beaded roads, etc..., there will be the formation of these baccarat roads, mainly in the game It is generated by recording the results of the banker and player's opening. In addition to recording the banker and player's wins and losses, Dalu can also be used to preliminarily determine the possible direction of the entire game. Others such as Xiaolu and Big Eye Road, Cockroach Road Xia Sanlu, etc. are mainly used to assist the big road, because, in the process of the game, you may not be able to see the direction of the whole hand from the big road, then players can refer to the baccarat road method of Xia Sanlu, To see if there is an alternate situation and the frequency of the jump probability, or whether the number of wins between the banker and the player is the same.

LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
LUCKY11 Online Casino Live Baccarat
Baccarat winning method

Many people say that if you lose ten bets and lose nine, how can you make money by playing Baijia? The editor of LUCKY11 wants to tell you that it is not impossible to rely on Baijia to make money. You just need to find the right way to win baccarat and use the right game skills. Both can be achieved.

If you just try your luck by guessing, you have no plans, no skills, and are a badass, then of course it is impossible to win money. In a game, you must uphold calm + patient + not greedy, so as not to be dragged away by the demons and lose reason, leading to losing money and losing money. Many players will lose money instead of losing to the croupier. It is not because of losing to online casino platforms, but mainly because of their human nature. That’s why the editor of LUCKY11 said that if you want to play, you must have a plan and use the right method. If you want to stop loss or stop profit, you must play. One of the main factors of profitability, the editor of LUCKY11 gives examples of several baccarat betting methods so that you can understand and refer to and use them.

  • Fortmund betting method

Write down 111111 and add up the bet before and after the number. If you win, the number will be cancelled; if you lose, add the previous bet number to the next 1 bet, and the number will be cancelled until you win. You can also start with 1 bet and write down the numbers if you lose. If you lose 1 bet twice in a row, use Monte Carlo play to bet.

Example: 111111, the first bet is 1+1=2 bets, if you win, the 2 will be cancelled, and the next bet will start with 1. If you lose, it is equivalent to 2+1+3 bets. If the 3 bits are over, the 3 bets will start from the 1 bet. If this is still lost, 2+3+1=6 bets will be required, and so on.

  • New Zealand Betting Law

Set the bet book online, and then write down a list of numbers to represent the bet code, for example, 11122233, and then add the numbers before and after it is equal to the next bet code. If you win, add the winning bet on it, and if you lose, the two numbers will be cancelled. This method is suitable for lucky or winning streaks. It is the opposite of the previous Vermont method. The New Zealand betting method will make the winning money always rush up.

Example: 111222333, first bet 1+1=2, if you win, place 2 bets on it, and add the next number 1 bet, which is equivalent to betting 3 bets on the next hand. If you lose, delete the two 1s, and continue with 1 for the next one.

  • Martingale betting

This is one of the most famous baccarat winning methods. The martingale strategy is to raise a double bet if you lose. This method can be 100% guaranteed to get back the cost of the previous loss as long as it is not broken. Reverse the first bet of 1 bet. Hong Kong people call this strategy "straight cable". However, it should be noted that the principle must be sufficient and there are no relevant restrictions on the casino because some casinos or system companies restrict gambling. You can’t use this method, or you can only bet 6 games in a row at most, but the probability of losing 6 games in a row is very, very low, only 1.5625%, which means that 98.4375% of them can win. The vernacular is that you can win 100 times. You can only lose twice at most and win the other 98 times, so as long as you are not too unlucky now, you can still use this method even if you have a limit of up to 6 consecutive bets.

Example: The first bet is 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400 until you win.

  • Bai Ya betting method

The Baya betting method is opposite to the martingale betting method. The Baya betting method is to bet twice the amount in the next game after winning. This is a more aggressive method of betting. If you win, add the winning money to it. Place a bet together, and if you lose, start betting from the original amount.

Example: The same betting formula is 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 400 yuan, 800 yuan, 1600 yuan, 3200 yuan, and 6400 yuan, but it stops and returns to 1 bet after losing.

The above is the most detailed explanation of the baccarat game rules and various very useful baccarat road skills and the methods of winning money in baccarat compiled by the editor of LUCKY11 for everyone. I would like to explain to all players that they must adjust well during the game. Mindset, don't want to try your luck and bet blindly, set a profit stop and stop-loss plan in advance and match good betting skills. Don't be nostalgic when you want to leave. Only if you can defeat your demons, you can beat this game!

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