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LUCKY11 Online Casino Tells You How Agents Make Money?

Lucky11 online casino money-making agent
Lucky11 online casino money-making agent

Online casino agents are a very popular money-making project this year. They are also affected by the epidemic. Many people cannot go to legal international physical casinos. Therefore, online casinos just fill this demand. Online casinos can also enjoy the feeling of live gaming at home. But also because of this, it is now very popular for agents to pull customers online to play games in their online casinos. As the head office of LUCKY11 online casino, I will tell you today, how do our agents make money? How many types of agents are there?

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Lucky11 online casino money-making agent
Lucky11 online casino money-making agent
Online casino agents are roughly divided into three types:

The first category is the agent of the brand company:

Like our LUCKY11 online casino. This is our company’s brand. The company has gaming licenses and related industries. Our main projects

That is, online casinos, sports lotteries, etc... Agents of this scale must be relatively reliable and the most stable, because they are doing brand management.

Take our LUCKY11 online casino as an example. There are physical gambling halls in Macau and VEGAS. The company's financial strength is strong, so the service is one-stop.

Therefore, the selection of agents underneath will be very strict.

The second category, domestic unlicensed agent:

There are also unbranded online casino general agents. The so-called miscellaneous general agents on the market imitate the model development of well-known platforms. Some also have a complete customer service and cash flow operating system, but the probability of encountering a black net is quiet Because they are not operating brands but short-term profits.

The third category. E-games and solitaire agents.

Such institutions are the most unstable. E-sports games, single machine baccarat, single machine slots, single machine roulette games. This single brand of software development does not cost much. Many engineers out there will help you write the software, write it and then put it on the Internet, a person can do all the work, there are so-called robots in this game to play with you. This kind of software usually has no background, said to close down even closed down. After the collapse changes it to a new name, adapt the style of the game, and restart. The three agents mentioned above are the most common ones on the market.

Next, let me tell you, how do agents transfer money? Why do the agents seem to have a good income?

The first type-brand general agent

The concept of this kind of agency is probably a gambling hall. He entertains members from all directions to each member, such as a VIP, to make members feel happy and safe to play in this online casino. It will naturally attract a lot of people to come here. Of course, customers There are winners and losers, so they must retain customers to make the wins and losses even, but this type of agency costs quite a lot. Not only do they have to pay employees and customer service salaries, but also the platform upgrades and maintenance are all paid to engineers, so they are strong. Long-term operation.

The second type-the agent selected by the general agent

Some of these agents earn commissions, and the general commission is 0.5-10%. It depends on the winning or losing of the members under the agent's name. If you win 100,000 this month, the agent may have a commission ranging from 5,000 to 10,000, but if you lose, the total commission The company will undertake the responsibility, and the purpose is to develop more members to play in our online casino through the agency model.

The difference between agents:

Some agents account for a certain percentage of the member's winnings or losses. Generally, such agents are strictly selected by the general agent. Some are made by players with considerable financial resources, while others require a deposit from the general agent as an agent. This type of agent generally accounts for 10%. -70%, depending on the agent's financial strength, and some agents only account for the number of bets placed by members. The method of placing the number of bets is to calculate the commission based on the number of bets placed, regardless of whether the player under the name wins or loses. Generally speaking, this commission is between 1 and 4 thousandths of a cent. If a player's monthly betting volume is 10 million, his commission would be between 10,000 and 50,000.

This is an article made for you by LUCKY11 online casino company. How do the so-called online casino agents make money? Don't look at online casinos as seemingly lucrative, but the hard work behind the scenes may not be something you can imagine. After reading this article, if you think you have the ability to be an agent, you are also welcome to join us at LUCKY11 online casino and experience new heights in life!

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