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Lucky11 | 5 Useful Baccarat Strategy That Can Help You Win!

Lucky11 | Baccarat Strategy
Lucky11 | Baccarat Strategy

One wouldn't have to be wealthy to play online baccarat, and one certainly doesn't have to dress up in a tuxedo or evening gown. Baccarat has made its way into the online casino from the posh high-roller tables. Mostly on the internet, you can play for extremely low stakes, and in a land-based casino, there are generally a few mini-baccarat tables to choose from. You'll never have to look longingly at all those wealthy individuals behaving opulently again. Lucky11 is always ready to serve you with various kinds of games such as roulette, craps, and sic bo.

NEVER Consider Placing A "TIE" BET

The house edges on two of the three baccarat bets, banker, player, and tie, are extremely low. With a house edge of 1.06 percent, the banker is a good bet. The house has a 1.24 percent advantage over the player. For every 100 units bet on the banker, you should expect to lose 1.06 units, while for every 100 units bet on the player, you should expect to lose 1.24 units.

Overall, these are excellent house edges.

Then there's the tie, which is a terrible bet. This bet has a house edge of about 14.4 percent (take a deep breath, ladies and gentlemen). I'm not kidding when I say 14.4% is a big number. Impressive! This means that for every 100 units you bet, you lose 14.4 units.

This bet is a complete waste of money and should only be made by people who enjoy playing baccarat in the alleys.


You walk up to the live baccarat table and place your initial wager. This wager should be placed on the Banker. The Banker will prevail slightly more than half of the time. To avoid giving the player an advantage on that bet, a 5% commission is deducted from every victory.

You should probably go with the Banker.


Our goal is to profit from streaks, and the bank is the bet with the (slightly) higher probability of a streak. Continue betting if the dealer goes on a winning streak after your first bet.

Also, note that just because a streak has occurred does not mean it will continue (so don't be too aggressive with your bet amounts). With every bet you make, you still have a house edge and you cannot out-bet.


So you lose the Banker bet in the end. The player is the winner. Don't put another wager on the table. Keep an eye out for the next decision. Whatever decision is made, you can bet on it. Keep in mind that neither the Banker nor the Player loses if the game ends in a tie. (It's called a tie for a reason.)

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