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Lucky11 | 【 Sic-Bo Tips and Tricks 】For Beginners

Lucky11 | Sic-Bo Tips and Tricks
Lucky11 | Sic-Bo Tips and Tricks

Are you one of those gamblers who want to play Online Sic-Bo but can't seem to figure out the Sic Bo Rules and Sic Bo Strategy? If you answered affirmatively, you've arrived at the right place. Just read on, and we guarantee you'll be up to speed in no time. Now is the time to try your luck at Lucky11, the one, and only India's most popular online casino.

The Online Sic Bo game has its origins in ancient China. It is now available in both land-based and internet casinos. It is based on a blend of craps and roulette, offering you a sense of speed as well as the possibility for exclusive pleasure.  Sic-Bo may appear to be difficult for novices due to its complexity and numerous bet variants.

This casino game's "black belt" master level will undoubtedly drive you to addiction and provide you with complete satisfaction for your accomplishments. As a result, our goal is to give you a brief guide that includes basic, simple, and user-friendly tips and tricks. Prepare yourself: a Masterclass course is about to begin.

Sic-Bo Basic

In ancient China, players used to play with handmade dice – three of them, to be exact. Nowadays, we can provide you with the option of playing the game online from the comfort of your own home. Despite this fundamental difference, the game's purpose remains the same: you must guess what numbers will appear after you roll the dice.

You'll notice that Sic-Bo resembles poker in that the goal is to figure out what combination of numbers will show once the dice stop spinning. Another wager is that the final numbers will be completely different and that there will be no match at all.

The side table display, which will show all of the different possibilities – which reminds us a lot of the roulette games you'll see in Las Vegas - is very helpful, especially for beginners. When the dice have stopped rolling, all of the winning numbers and combinations will be highlighted on the display on the side table. The fact that all bets must be put before the dice are rolled is another resemblance to the rest of the casino games. Payments range from "even money" (for a single bet) to 180:1 odds (for a bet that three fives will appear in the final result, for example).

What Other Bets are Obtainable?

The different possible combinations that one might gamble on are what bothers the "newcomers" the most. Even though learning the payoffs by working hard may appear to be more difficult than guessing the next successful sequence, it is possible that learning the payoffs by working hard will be even more difficult.

  • Big or Small bet

As there are only three dice in the game, the greatest number of combinations that can be used to win is limited to 18. If you're a beginner, one of the easiest bets to test is "large or tiny," where betting on "big" means the entire sum at the end would be between 11 and 17. A "little" bet, on the other hand, is one in which all of the dice add up to a maximum sum of equal to or less than ten. This betting strategy is considered a simple one because it gives you a 50/50 chance of winning. Only if both dice roll the same number do you lose all of your bets.

  • Single number bet

When betting on "single numbers," as the name implies, you should pick only one number and hope that it appears at the conclusion. The higher your reward, the more dice that land on that number. Consider the following scenario: you are playing on a single number and have chosen the number 5 as your lucky number. You will win 2:1 odds if one of the dice shows 5 after they stop rolling. If two of the dice land on the number 5, you will receive a 3:1 payout. The winner will receive 12:1 odds if all of the dice reveal the number 5.

  • Double numbers bet

When you bet on double numbers, you've already decided on two things: 1. the number you anticipate will emerge at the end of the spin; 2. the chosen number will only appear on two dice. Winners are normally given a 10:1 advantage. You are not permitted to place bets on random numbers; rather, you must precisely describe your lucky number.

  • Triple numbers bets

The triple numbers bet is similar to the double numbers bet in many ways. If you pick the right number and it appears on all three dices, you might get a 180:1 return on your investment. The difference from the previous type of bet is that you can also wager on "random" numbers, which means that you will win regardless of which number appears on all three dices. In this scenario, the payoff is 30:1, but you are still in the black.

  • Specific numbers bet

This bet may be called "the professional way of playing," because you must be either a professional player or a very lucky mortal to win. The reward is based on the percentage chance that the precise combination you bet on will happen. The less likely you are to be paid off, the greater the chance of rolling out to a precise total of digits. Let's look at an example again, because it may appear to be extremely perplexing. You bet that the three dice will add up to five. That means (for example) two of the dice must roll a 2 and one dice must roll a 1.

To summarize, Sic-Bo is an exhilarating game that enhances the adrenaline levels of all types of gamblers. However, because we think that practice makes perfect, please try out what you've just learned. Best of luck!

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