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Lucky11 | Basic Terms In Soccer Betting Explained!

Lucky11 | Basic Terms In Soccer Betting
Lucky11 | Basic Terms In Soccer Betting

If you're new to Lucky11 online betting, you've probably found that it's a lot more complicated and multifaceted than you first believed. It entails far more than simply selecting the conclusion you believe is more likely to occur. You'll probably come across some soccer betting terms and phrases you've never heard before, but because your actions when betting have real-world implications, you can't afford to wing it.

Online casinos are continually adding new betting options and betting markets to their sportsbooks to make their sports betting sites more enticing to punters. Bettors from all over the world have long embraced these new markets and betting kinds, but gamers who are new to online gambling are likely to struggle with words like scorecast betting, European handicap, and teasers.

Here's a dictionary of basic soccer betting phrases to make sure you don't get misled.

Online Bookmaker!

A bookmaker, often known as a bookie, is a person or organization who accepts bets on sporting events. They are also responsible for providing odds on all of the conceivable outcomes, as well as paying you your wins.

Sports Odds!

Betting odds are essentially a number that represents the likelihood of an event occurring. They are also used to calculate predicted profits if the bet wins. Odds can be expressed as decimals (1.20, 3.17...) and are commonly referred to as European odds. It can take the shape of fractions (2/1, 4/2, etc.), which are also known as UK odds. Moneyline or US odds are stated as a full number with a positive or negative sign (+200, -350).


The vigorish, often known as the vig or juice, is the cut that the bookmaker takes from your wager. This implies that even if you win, the bookie will receive a small portion of your winnings. This is how it works.

Market Favorite!

The favorite is the team that is most likely to win or the outcome that has the greatest likelihood of occurring. Because the bookmakers know which side will win, they fix the odds so that the payout on a winning favored bet has a relatively small profit margin. Betting on a favorite has minimal risk, but it also has a low profit.


The underdog is the team with the lowest likelihood of winning. Underdog bets typically have high odds, which implies that modest stakes can result in large profits.


The market is a term you'll hear a lot. It's simply another name for the type of bet. As you may be aware, there are various betting markets available, including 1x2, Both Teams To Score, and Over/Under, to mention a few.

Betting exchange!

Betting on a betting exchange is similar to gambling with a bookmaker. Instead of a bookmaker, they let you place bets with other people just like you. As a result, you can also lay a bet, which implies you can wager against a particular outcome. This implies you can gamble on a losing outcome rather than simply backing it with a conventional bookmaker.

Fixed Odds!

Fixed odds bets are not affected by odds movements or changes. Instead, regardless of what happens, your potential gains will be determined based on the exact odds at the moment you placed your wager.


In-play betting, as the name implies, allows a punter to place a wager while a game is in progress. Making a wager after an event has begun is significantly more convenient because the outcome is more predictable.


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