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Lucky11 | Best Proven Football Betting Strategies & Algorithms in 2022!

Lucky11 | Proven Football Betting Strategies
Lucky11 | Proven Football Betting Strategies

The accuracy of defining odds provides us sports bettors with the best opportunity of winning our bets and profit from our sports betting tactics in any online casinos. To find out what the finest football betting strategy is, we must delve deeper into the subject. The only tactics for winning every time and generating guaranteed money with football betting are arbitrage betting and matched betting. Profit on your bets is substantially lower than with other football betting tactics, such as value betting, but profit and win are assured every time on Lucky11 Online Casino.

Arbitrage Betting: A tried-and-true football betting strategy

Arbitrage betting is the simplest and most consistent betting approach for generating a guaranteed return on football. This betting strategy is centered on identifying incorrect odds that do not represent the true possibility of the outcome and covering the opposite outcome on sharp, correct odds.

A football team, for example, would generally have an odds of 1.50, indicating that they have a 66.7 percent probability of winning the game. If a bookmaker messes up the odds and offers an odds of 1.72 for them, that is equal to a 58 percent chance of winning.

In this case, you bet $100 on one team with an odd of 1.72 and cover the other team and draw outcomes (1X or X2 bets) at a different bookmaker with an odd of 2.55.

You make a $4.5 profit regardless of the outcome of the match. This may appear to be a small profit, but consider putting 500 comparable bets in a month. You can use arbitrage betting as a side business for football betting, but with enough learning and expertise, you can use it for a living as well.

The most profitable football betting system is value betting.

Arbitrage betting and value betting are both based on the same basic principle and method. As smart bettors, our goal is to locate markets on football matches where bookmakers are offering incorrect odds.

This means that they are giving odds that are greater than the true likelihood of winning. You should wager on such betting opportunities whenever you come across them.

This football betting technique is founded on math and probability. It is well known that, over time, the outcomes are quite close to the odds offered by sharp bookmakers (those who are the best at defining real probability). You may be perplexed right now, but let me clarify with an example. There is a team that has a 66% chance of winning the match. With their margin of victory, the majority of bookmakers are offering odds of 1.40-1.45. However, there is one bookmaker that is providing a 1.70 odd.

A value bettor's purpose is to take advantage of these value betting possibilities at every possible match. We know this team has a 66 percent probability of winning, so if we place a lot of these erroneous odds, we will end up with a decent profit in the long term.

Statistics-based Football Betting System

Bookmakers generate odds based on their database of past data and every available piece of information. The quantity of information they receive varies amongst bookmakers.

Winning football bets based on statistics is only possible if you can demonstrate that your knowledge of the match and players is more accurate.

Bookmakers do not have the resources to respond to every new trend and piece of information for every available match. Following the game live could provide you an advantage in football betting; - Taking action when the bookmaker is not as quick as it should be.

Example of a statistics-based football betting strategy:

1. You can find a lot of databases on past football matches.

2. You can evaluate them, noting, for example, how both teams had a lot of corners in the first half of the previous 5-8 matches.

3. Open the match when it is life and follow them through the first half.

4. If they have fewer corners in the minute of 30-35 than you would predict based on statistics, you should pay closer attention to the playstyle's dynamic.

5. If one or both teams are vying for a goal and there are a lot of dangerous attacks, you can wait for at least one more corner.

6. I recommend you wait until the odds for the over corner reach at least 1.70-1.85.

7. If the odds are good enough for one more corner and you have more than 5-6 minutes left in the first half, you can place an over bet. 

8. Remember that this technique should be founded on expertise and a thorough comprehension of statistical data.

Follow Football Betting Tipsters Who Have An Excellent Football Betting Strategy

If you're reading this, you've undoubtedly tried following tipster services. Many people believe that simply locating a tipster on a platform with a long and winning prediction history is sufficient to back up your football betting strategy.

Most of the time, this is not the case because many tipsters may falsify their betting history. By simply altering stakes or removing some bets, players can turn a losing streak into a long-term profit.

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