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Lucky11 | T20/IPL Betting Techniques You Should Know!

Lucky11 | T20/IPL Betting Strategies
Lucky11 | T20/IPL Betting Strategies

Cricket betting may be a thrilling experience. It can be quite enticing to be the judge of a specific component of the game or to forecast the outcome of an IPL match or tournament. Being successful with cricket betting, or any other sports betting for that matter, is never guaranteed. If it were, there would be no bookmakers. T20 cricket is our primary focus, and we believe it is the greatest form of the game to wager on. The odds shift faster than in the longer versions of the game, giving us a plethora of trading opportunities to earn from. Try the following cricket betting strategies now on your one and only Lucky11 India Online Casino.

Early wicket strategy

T20 cricket is fast-paced, and not losing early wickets is critical to establishing a large stockpile. If the first wicket falls within the first 5 overs, the odds of the contest will overreact. At this time, we can rapidly back the batting team to win and look to cash out a few balls later when the odds have reduced again.

Ideally, you would use Betfair for this, but it is not now available in India, thus you must use another site. Cash-out is offered on all of the betting sites we cover and can be used for rapid trades.

This method is exclusively for the first team's batting innings, not for the chasing innings.

Pre-match IPL Value Strategy

This method entails using your understanding of the IPL to seek value prior to the match. Do not let your emotions lead you to support your own team!

We're trying to piece together a picture of a game without considering the odds. We will take into account players and any injuries. We may also take the weather into account to ensure that they play the entire game.

Once we've determined who we believe will win, we can consider how close the race will be. This will serve as a guideline for locating value odds from bookmakers. We can next look at the statistics to see if there are any emerging trends that we should be aware of.

We can now visit our preferred bookmaker to check out the most recent IPL odds. We can now look for value in odds where we believe the side has a better chance of winning than the bookmakers do. We would anticipate a profitable return from this over time.

Bonus bagging strategy

Claim several new customer free bet offers are referred to as bonus bagging. In most situations, this results in an additional free wager equal to 100% of our initial deposit, giving us twice the odds of winning. To be successful, we must place prudent bets and keep in mind that the free bet does not return the stake.

This method works well when combined with a value strategy. In addition to free bets, we may look at other player IPL betting offerings to see if we can profit there as well.

For example, if we use the Lucky11 India Online Casino free bet, we will receive a 2,500 initial bet and a 2,500 free bet after that. If we uncover some worth, we have two chances to make a profit on the game.

In-Game Strategy

In-play betting, often known as live betting by some, provides a plethora of betting choices. In T20 cricket, the odds can change with each ball; wickets alter the odds the most, but even a dot ball can cause a change in the odds.

We have a handful of live betting techniques for T20 cricket that we prefer to use -

Early wicket trades are the first in-play strategy.

We are seeking the following key requirements:

  • A wicket in the first three overs, preferably the first five.

  • Only the first inning

  • Not Kohli is batting (he messes with the odds as people are keen to back when he is at the crease)

If we witness a wicket early in the game, we immediately back the batting team to win. Their odds will quickly fall from here, and we will be able to leave for a profit. The risk is that another wicket will be taken in the following 2-3 balls, which will shift the odds against us.

We want to get in rapidly and then get out soon after the market has settled down. As long as we keep to the strategy, we have a low risk. When quitting this deal, you have the option of cashing out for an equal return or leaving a higher sum on the team you expect to win.

We are willing to employ this technique twice in any game.


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