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Lucky11 Casino| How To Play: Roulette Rules And Live Roulette Tips!

Lucky11 | Live Roulette Tips
Lucky11 | Live Roulette Tips

In reality, there is no surefire way to win online roulette, but there is a way to try to become a successful roulette player. Even in a game based entirely on luck, the difference between an educated gambler and someone who wastes their money is obvious.

Reading the online roulette content provided by Lucky11 online casino will give players a basic understanding of roulette rules, principles, and roulette strategies. One will also understand the probabilities and statistics of the game. All these betting tips are useful if you want to deal with winning roulette tips.

Roulette strategies are not magical, and they do not guarantee success. However, they will make you a better player. Don't know which casino to visit to play roulette after learning about the game of roulette? You can sign up for free at Lucky11 online casino right now!

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  1. Select The Best Live Roulette Variation!

  2. Play By The Roulette Rules!

  3. Place Your Roulette Bets!

Select The Best Live Roulette Variation!

Let us begin with a simple but crucial piece of advice. Choose the best roulette game you can find. In almost every casino, you can find three basic types of roulette:

  • European Roulette is the most basic variant, with 36 standard pockets and one green zero.

  • American Roulette is the same as European Roulette, except it has one 0 and one 00. Avoid American Roulette at all costs because it doubles the house advantage.

  • French Roulette, like the European version, has one zero. This variant, on the other hand, includes two fantastic rules: La Partage and En Prison.

  • La Partage means that if you lose an Even Money bet, such as Red/Black, you only lose half your stake.

  • En Prison means that you do not immediately lose Even Money bets. If you lose a round, your bet is carried over to the next. You keep your stake if the bet wins in this new round.

European roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, whereas American roulette has a house edge of 5.40%. The French variant reduces this to 1.35%, but only for Even Money outside bets.

As a result, French roulette tables are more difficult to find than the other two. However, if given the chance, you should choose them. On the other hand, there is no reason to ever play American roulette.

Play By The Roulette Rules!

Modern roulette games can be far more varied than the three we've just mentioned. New roulette games have unique rules and features that can have a significant impact on how everything works.

Consider Lightning Roulette, Evolution's mega-popular variant with multipliers. Because the multipliers only apply to straight-up bets, you should probably include them in your wagering. Otherwise, you might as well switch tables.

But don't the multipliers reduce the RTP due to the lower base payout? Yes, technically, the RTP is a little lower. You do not, however, play volatile games such as Lightning or Quantum Roulette for the RTP. You play them for the thrills and the massive maximum payouts.

In short, our roulette advice is to adjust your strategies based on the rules and features of the game you're playing. Otherwise, choose a table based on the strategies you intend to employ.

Find a regular French Roulette table, for example, if you want to stick to even money bets. Straight-Up bettors, on the other hand, should consider variants with multipliers and improved odds on such bets.

Place Your Roulette Bets!

The question of which roulette bet is the best is frequently raised. However, as we mentioned in our roulette tutorial guide, all betting options have the same RTP. The payouts are always proportional to the risk (except Top Line/Basket bets in American roulette, which you should avoid anyway).

This gives you another option: place multiple bets per round. Allow me to explain.

The majority of roulette tips in casino guides emphasize the importance of even money bets. In short, they are the least risky bets, making them ideal for newcomers. This approach, however, contradicts the very reason we gamble in the first place. Limiting returns to 1:1, no matter how reasonable, is just boring. Aside from that, we'd like to try for the 999:1 payout in Lightning Roulette.

Making multiple bets is a simple solution. Making one Even Money bet and one Straight-Up bet per round is a good example. The Straight-Up bet exists to pursue large profits/multipliers. Even Money bets, on the other hand, are designed to keep your bankroll full and moving forward.

This roulette tip allows you to be very creative. One of our favorite combinations is the Romanosky bet, which has a greater than 80% chance of winning every round. Details about Romanosky can be found in our article on roulette betting systems.

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