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Lucky11 | 2022 World Cup: The Ultimate Guide to Soccer Betting

Lucky11 | 2022 World Cup
Lucky11 | 2022 World Cup

Football betting is the most popular sport to wager on at Lucky11, which is unsurprising given its global appeal. Given the enormous number of games to bet on each week and the diversity of markets available for each match, some soccer bettors may find it useful to review a how-to guide before placing their wagers. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar begins on Monday, November 21 at the Al Thumama Stadium with Senegal taking on the Netherlands in Group A, followed by hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium. Keep reading everything you need to know about soccer gambling on our online casino blogs.

Football Betting: A How-To Guide

Soccer requires two teams of 11 players (with additional players of variable numbers allowed in other games) (along with alternate players with various numbers allowed for other matches). A soccer game usually lasts 90 minutes and is played on a 45-90m 90-120m (45 minutes each) field (45 minutes) It is necessary for this to happen.

The aim in a football game is obvious. You must outscore your opponents by more than one goal to win a game. Soccer betting offers a wide range of markets as well as additional outcomes for wagering that aren't defined just by the outcome of the game.

Soccer Betting: The Different Types of Bets

Soccer betting offers the same three sorts of bets as most other sports. When it comes to football betting, the match result (1X2) is the same as the money line for baseball and soccer, therefore there are no differences.

Lucky11 | 1X2 Soccer
Lucky11 | 1X2 Soccer

As previously stated, 1X2 markets are concerned with match outcomes. There are three outcomes possible: a home win, a draw (X), or an away win (2). Because regular football games aren't supposed to go to overtime or conclude in a tie, the main difference between this and money line betting is the draw (since standard football matches are not set to end in overtime and simply a draw).


A soccer "handicap" bet is similar to predicting the outcome of a match, but it includes a goal "handicap" imposed by a bookmarker, which can quantify the perceived difference in ability between the two sides. Underdogs have an advantage in 1X2 bets if their handicap is larger than the favorite's in the market.

Although soccer is a low-scoring sport, the handicap granted in football betting is frequently less than in NFL and NBA betting (unless for actual mismatch matchups, when the handicap is 3 or more goals) (only in real mismatch contests there is a handicap of 3 or more goals).

To win handicap betting, the Lucky11 team, with a negative handicap, must win by a wider margin than the set of numbers. A team must win or lose by less than the handicap amount due to the negative handicap.


Total bets have no bearing on the outcome of a soccer match. This is a straightforward wager on whether the bookmaker's specified goal total will be met or exceeded. Individual team totals and totals for the first half are optional. Overall Market (also known as Over/Under) refers to the total number of goals scored by both teams.

Consider Other Markets Too!
Lucky11 | Soccer Betting Match Markets
Lucky11 | Soccer Betting Match Markets

Bettors who have mastered the fundamentals of pre-game wagering can apply their knowledge to live soccer wagering after they have mastered the latter. The same types of bets and how they function apply, but only to games that have already begun.

In addition to the more common answers, there are a number of other possibilities. Bettors can wager on how many corners a team receives throughout a game. Card bets are based on the total number of cards dealt to each side.

In addition to match-specific markets, bettors can wager on a wide range of outright events. You can check which club gets demoted from the match winner with the most points, as well as how many goals each team has scored this season.

Learning How to Bet on Football

As a fan, you know if the team has any injuries or other problems, what tactics they utilize in games, and how a team is assembled. Soccer betting, on the other hand, necessitates a more in-depth understanding of the sport's principles.

Before diving into more advanced prediction models to improve soccer betting outcomes, it's a good idea to master some fundamental statistics. Bettors may investigate the home game advantage in order to arrive at odds that differ from those supplied by the bookmaker. As a result, the claim that "performing better at home" can be tested is put to the test.


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